Thursday, June 07, 2012

Back to bright Summer colors: Dollish Polish - Bikini Bottom

Hi lovelies,

remember how in my last post I said I needed a break from all those bright summer colors? That break is already over again because today I have a super bright polish for you! It is Dollish Polish Bikini Bottom, which is a bold almost neon coral color with sparkly golden flecks in it. If I can't have Summer outside I need to at least wear it on my nails, right?! ;) So put your sunglasses on, here is Bikini Bottom!

Ain't that a cool color? I have to admit I would not have bought this myself but I got it in a grab bag from Overall Beauty where I could not choose the colors. But after I had applied it on my nails it really grew on me and even my boyfriend liked this a lot. In direct sunlight the gold flecks sparkle like crazy within the coral creme base. This one was a bit thick but leveled out nicely on the nails and was opaque with two coats. The name is really matching because this one IS bright just like Spongebob's Bikini Bottom :D I will surely wear this one again soon, it is a perfect shade for summer.
Sadly this polish went to the acetone vault and is not available anymore. But be sure to check out Dolly's other great creations here!

That's it for today, now I am going to enjoy the long weekend (it's a holiday over here today and I have tomorrow off). I'll be out of town until Sunday because I am attending *cough* a Vampire Diaries convention *cough* from Friday till Sunday. I knooow I know, I might be a little too old for this but it'll surely be a lot of fun ;) Oh and BTW, what would be an appropriate color to wear on my nails for such an event? Haven't decided yet.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you real soon.
<3 Sabine


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