Saturday, June 16, 2012

My May hauls Pt.2 - The Indies

Happy Saturday everyone!

In my last post I showed you my major brands' hauls from last month. Today I have for you all the indie polishes I got in May. Most of them are from Etsy and I swear this site is the death of my wallet! It is amazing to see more and more of those self-made creations popping up every day and to be honest I tend to like most of them. So here is what's new in my stash. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, lean back and enjoy the bottle spam ;)

Let's get started with my picks from The Hungry Asian. When I saw swatches of Sneeze Breeze for the first time I knew I needed this polish in my life. I love matte glitter! Along with that I got Sea Creature and a mini bottle of Strawberry - how I wish I got this one as a full-size, because it is so cute!

I was lucky enough to grab a bottle of Floam via Ninja Polish as well and I love this polish so much that I have worn it twice in one week - which usually never happens ;) You might have seen my Floam manicures here and here.

I stumbled upon The Spooky Bones company and their unique glitter polishes so I ended up ordering four of her creations. Here are Blue-F-O, which has a nice duochrome effect and glows in the dark and Molotov Magic, a matte shredded glitter polish. The Are You Afraid Of The Dark set consists of Dead Man's Float, a dark green shimmer that shifts color and Jake And The Leprechaun, a sheer green glitter.

Recently Overallbeauty offered a grab bag with three discontinued Dollish Polishes. I really like Dolly's creations so I thought I can't go wrong with that, even though I cannot choose the colors I will get. I was pretty happy with what I got in the end. Here are Bikini Bottom, which I have already worn here, Welcome to Forks and Nope! The OTHER Edward (uhm, which one?! I hope she thought about Edward Scissorhands while naming this polish ;)). Copper-nicus by Elemental Styles was part of a swap with the wonderful Bridget from Polish Oh My.

Initially we had planned to swap only for Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail and Candeo Colors Sprouse but lovely as she is, she included various mini polishes from Elemental Styles, Pretty & Polished and Daring Digits as well. Thanks again girl!

This is it and now I really really need to put myself on a no-buy for a while. Also I want a new handbag and my boyfriend told me I can only get it if I can keep myself from buying nail polish for a while. However I still have some packages on the way to me which I ordered a while back (LynB polishes and Lush Lacquer as well as another swap). Since mail from overseas takes forever to arrive here I will still have some nail mail even if I cannot buy polish :D

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
<3 Sabine

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