Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Polish Days - Polish Geometry

Hi everyone!

I am back for another round of Polish Days :). The theme was Geometry and I admit my manicure isn't very creative. I went with a simple tape manicure using three different Essence polishes from their Color & Go range.

Wait, did I just say "simple tape mani"?! Oh well, didn't turn out to be simple enough for me, lol. I sometimes removed the tape too late so the lines didn't come out is crisp as I wanted them to be *sigh* So I am really not happy with this manicure. But whenever I mentioned on twitter my manicure sucks, everyone else said they liked it, so I decided to post this anyway. I like the colors though. The lighter purple with gold shimmer is Break Through, the dark creme purple is Passion For Fashion and the dark green creme is Trust In Fashion. Also the polishes I picked weren't perfect for tape manicures, because they aren't one coaters so you either have to apply a thick coat or two thin coats (which again results in messed up lines).

nail art tape Essence ColorAndGo

polish days geometry tape manicure TrustInFashion PassionForFashion BreakThrough Essence
See what I mean? I'm feeling kind of on the fence about posting this manicure because it isn't as perfect as I like my nails to be. But in the end, who is perfect?! So please bare with me, there will be nice manicures again next time ;) 

Now I am going to have a look at all the other Polish Geometry designs.
Have a great evening,

<3 Sabine


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