Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Introducing Spooktober! Fantasy Makers - Creepy Pumpkin

Happy hump day everyone!

Today is a public holiday here, which is German Unification Day, where people remember the German reunification back in 1990 when the Berlin Wall came down (which actually happened on November 9th 1989, but I am sounding nerdy here, am I?!). We do not do anything special on this day, no celebrations or anything - at least I don't, I simply enjoy a day off. 
So I finally had some time to play with nail polish, edit photos and come up with some ideas for future manicures. In the end of this month there is going to be Halloween, which isn't a huge thing here, but I like all the stuff related to it, like creepy decorations or sweets. I've been thinking about what to wear on my nails for Halloween for a while now and have several ideas in my head. So I thought why just do one single manicure for Halloween?! Hence I decided to do several and post them throughout this month - Spooktober was born :D I really hope you will enjoy this little series.

Let us start this with a polish that has been sitting in the back of my Alex for a while now. It is Fantasy Makers by Wet 'n Wild Creepy Pumpkin, which came out last year for Halloween.


daylight lamp
Even before putting Creepy Pumpkin on this nail polish had won over my heart, simply because of this cute tombstone bottle. It is a very sheer squishy orange jelly with tiny very sparkly glass flecks in it. What you cannot see in the bottle is, that those glass flecks change their color from golden over orange to green depending on the angle of the lighting. I really loved this effect and it made up for the sheerness of the base color. I had to do four coats to get the result you see in the photos - and there still is some visible nail line! Next time I'll make sure to layer it over an base color. Despite the four coats Creepy Pumpkin was easy to remove, I didn't even have to use foil. The brush was a little awkward to use, because it is pretty wide and the bristles are rather stiff. But it was absolutely managable and considering that one bottle costs just $2 I am not complaining! So to sum it up, I love Creepy Pumpkin!
I really wish we had Halloween nail polishes over here! I tend to fall for all those black glittery polishes or the pretty "ugly" colors that usually come out with these collections (think China Glaze Zombie Zest) ;) 
But don't be afraid, I am not short of Halloween appropriate manicures, so be sure to come back if you want to see more!

That is it for today, I hope you enjoyed this wordy post. Have a great evening and thanks for reading!
<3 Sabine


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