Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Spooktober: #PolishDays - Sentimental

Hi lovelies,

it is time for another round of Polish Days, where several nail bloggers come together once a month to create manicures according to a certain topic. The theme is chosen by Hannah from PollyPolish who also organizes everything, so kudos to her!

This month's theme is "sentimental" and for a long time I had no idea what kind of manicure I could do for this. Then I rewatched some of MySimpleLittlePleasure's Halloween watermarbles for some inspiration for my Spooktober series.... and I remembered the time when I first got into nail polish and what made me start this blog. In my early days as a nail polish fanatic Colette's blog was one of the very first I came across and I've always adored her water marbling skills. Because of her I wanted to try this technique, too and thought I might as well share my first nail art attempts with the world wide web. So my first blog posts on My Polish Stash were water marbles inspired by her. Today I wouldn't even post these, because the result was soso (ok, let's face it, they were a disaster) and my cleanup and nail shape were horrible back then. Anyways, I thought a water marble reminding me of my first days as a nail polish blogger would make a great sentimental manicure for Polish Days.
To make this a Spooktober-suitable design, I chose to recreate her mummy manicure you can see here. I didn't have those cute rolling eyes Colette used, so instead I added some eyes with a dotting tool. I wish I had done them differently, because they look a bit out of place. Still I like how this turned out, but see for yourself.

The polishes I used were Wet'n Wild White Crème, L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery and Essie Hot Choco, which all worked quite well for marbling. For the design I simply followed the tutorial and added the eyes using Wet'n Wild Black Crème before I finished everything off with one coat of CND Speedey. It took some time to figure out how to get the stripes right and actually the nail I did last, which was my right thumb, turned out best I think, because it actually looks like mummy's wrappings.

I hope you enjoyed this design! I cannot wait to see what everyone came up with. If you want to see more sentimental manicures, head over to the other lovelies linked below.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again here!
<3 Sabine


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