Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am back aka I passed my final exam

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe it has been more than three weeks since I published my last nail post. Seems like I completely lost my feeling for time and space while I was busy studying for my thesis defense. I haven't even painted my nails in weeks, which normally feels weird, but those last couple of days I did not really care about my nails and I guess a break from nail polish remover doesn't hurt either ;)
In the end, all these deprivations and stressful times were worth it, because I finally passed my thesis defense last Wednesday! I was really nervous, because I wanted this last exam of my life (at least I hope it is) to be as good as possible. It didn't turn out as perfect as I had hoped, mainly because I was super nervous and I could hardly focus so I didn't come across too professionally and self confident, which is still kinda bugging me because the questions they asked really weren't that hard. I have no clue what mark they gave me, but I don't really care, I am just glad I passed and all this pressure is gone now. So now I am simply enjoying the few days off before I will go back to work on Monday. 
So for all the fellow PhD students out there: hold on, you can make it, even if it may seem impossible sometimes ;) And thanks to everyone out there for your kind support, lovely words and crossed fingers and toes! It was also nice to see this blog growing even if I haven't posted anything those last three weeks. So welcome to the new readers, there will be more nails soon!

xoxo, Sabine

PS: I just came across this comic from PhD comics, which is so true (except for my thesis committee only consisting of the first three members ;) )

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