Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Skittle Nails - Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone!

Christmas is finally here and I wish all of you and your family a peaceful Christmas season. Amidst your busy schedule, take a break, relax and enjoy! 

For the Holidays this year I decided to go with a skittle manicure, including a candy cane and Christmas tree design as well as some dots and of course one of my beloved Floam polishes :)

I started out by painting my nails white using Wet 'n Wild White Crème. For the Candy Cane stripes I used scotch tape and my favorite red polish, Perceval by a-England. For the Christmas tree I used Zoya Holly and did the taping according to a tutorial from Nailside. I added a rhinestone as a tree topper and some silver holographic sparkles using Essence More Than Silver tip painter. For the dots I again used Perceval and a dotting tool. On my ringfinger I applied Festive Floam from the Ninja Polish Holiday 2012 collection. I needed four coats to obtain the coverage you see above and I don't mind a bit of bare nail peeking through. I finished everything off with a-England's The Shield.
I really like how this came out, even though it took me forever to finish the manicure. Needless to say I am in love with the red, green and white matte glitter of Festive Floam ;)
I just hope the manicure will last the following three days without any severe damage, because in between all the family gatherings I do not have time to paint my nails. Fingers crossed!

And with this, I am off for the Holidays. I wish all of you a great time with friends and family, delicious food (for sure I will eat way too much, as usual...) and may Santa bring you some nice gifts ;) Merry Christmas!
<3 Sabine

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