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Happy Sunday lovelies,

I hope you're all well! I am sitting here wrapped up in a blanket and sipping some hot tea while typing up this post. I caught a cold, probably got it from a co-worker who has been sick for a week. My immune system also might not be the best after these stressful weeks, but I hope it wins the battle against the invaders rather sooner than later. I just hate blowing my already sore nose all day and the tired and weak feeling that comes with colds.
Still I wanted to get this post up today, because the lovely Danny from Polish Chest has tagged me for the OPI ♥ tag a while ago already and I wanted to take part in this, because I just love OPI (how can you not?! :D).
So for the questions and my answers and some pretty bottle spam continue reading after the jump!

How many OPI polishes do you own and why?
I have 59 OPIs in total, including backups of MAAH and AA as well as four minis. Why I love OPI? Just look at that awesome color range and they still keep adding more. I just love the variety of finishes they offer and their formula is just great! I don't think I have a single OPI I don't like.

Designer Series: Illuminate, Temptation, Extravagance, Mystery
glitters:  Glow Up Already, Mad As A Hatter, Simmer & Shimmer, Absolutely Alice, Last Friday Night
silver glitters: Pirouette My Whistle, Servin' Up Sparkle, Crown Me Already, Save Me, Metallic 4 Life
grey-ish: My Pointe Exactly, I Vant To Be A Lone Star, I Don't Give A Rotterdam, I Have A Herring Problem, Suzy Skis In The Pyrenees
greens: Mermaid's Tears, Don't Mess with OPI, Jade Is The New Black, Green-wich Village, Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
blues: Just Groovy, Austin-tatious Turquoise, Swimsuit... Nailed It, Yoga-ta Get This Blue, Road House Blues
purples: Grape Set Match, Ink, Dutch'ya Just Love OPI, Tease-y Does It, Vampsterdam
brights: Need Sunglasses?, Y'all Come Back Ya Hear, Guy Meets Gal-veston, A Roll In The Hague, Houston We Have A Purple
My Private Jet, Wooden Shoe Like To Know, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Planks A Lot, Significant Other Color
fx: Russian Navy Suede, Ink Suede, Suzy Skis In The Pyrenees Suede, Blue Shatter, Black Shatter, Spotted
minis: Rising Star, Take The Stage, The Show Must Go On, Ali's Big Break

Which polish is the newest and why?
Actually I haven't bought OPIs in some time. The newest probably are Light My Sapphire and Cuckoo For This Color, which I bought in a sale for 7€. Sadly I forgot to put these in the pictures, because they're sitting in another drawer :(
Do you own any Top Coats, Base Coats and other OPI stuff?
Indeed I do. I have the Natural Nail Base coat, Rapid Dry Top coat as well as Nail Envy original and Soft & Peeling. Sadly these treatments didn't do anything for my nails, they still cracked and peeled after using it for a while.
Which are your three favorite polishes and why?
It is hard to just pick three, because I love them all so much. However, I would pick Mad As A Hatter, because I loved the movie (and Tim Burton movies in general) and this is just a fun glitter polish. My second pick would be Absolutely Alice from the same collection. This is the most gorgeous blue glitter polish EVER and I even have two backup bottles of it (and usually I never get backups!). And last but not least I choose A Roll In The Hague. It is an amazingly bright orange with a perfect formula. Plus I am partly Dutch, I love Oranje and I am not ashamed of admitting that ;)

Is there any polish you wanna buy next?
Absolutely! I just ordered Die Another Day and On Her Majesty's Secret Service from the Skyfall collection. I still need to find Live and Let Die. And Man Of La Mancha has been on my wishlist forever! 
Do you miss any colors or finishes in OPI's range?
Not at all! Honestly I can not think of anything I haven't seen already in OPIs range, but still they surprise me with every new collection that comes out.

So this is my OPI collection and I hope you enjoyed this tag. I would like to tag a few people, because I am always curious to see what other nail polish lovers own. I tag Martina from Head To Foot, The Polish Owl Radha, Bridget at LuxeBeauty4ever and of course everyone else who would like to participate!

Have a great Sunday, stay warm and healthy!
<3 Sabine

PS: I will make some Cranberry Apple Crumble after a recipe from MissChievous - soooo good and full of Vitamin C! I hope that helps my with the cold.

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