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Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed over Butter London - British Racing Green

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I have for you a gorgeous polish from Cult Nails. I haven't really heard from that brand until Toxic Seaweed caught my eye. I saw it on several blogs and I instantly knew I needed this in my life! It's green, it has tiny glitter and multichrome flakies - what else does my nail polish loving heart need? Cult Nails' Divas & Drama collection was on pre-order at that time, so along with this collection I tossed Toxic Seaweed in the cart. Here is what it looks like.

nailpolish Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed Butter London British Racong Green

I'm back, with Butter London - British Racing Green on my nails.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hi everyone!

Here I am, back again... Anybody else thinking of that Johnny Cash song right now!? Anyways. Yesterday I finally sent my thesis to my PI so he can have a final look. Keep your fingers crossed that he is ok with it. Then I can finally print it and submit it :D I never thought I'd see the day... Those last three months were so stressful but I hope it will be worth it in the end.
So I finally have some time to blog again. I really missed typing posts and writing my thesis didn't leave me enough time to paint my nails so they have been naked for... I don't know, at least 6 weeks or so?! So first of all thanks to all my readers for sticking with me during this busy and "post-free" period. And welcome to my new readers who found their way here despite my absence! I am not completely done with studying because I still have to pass one final exam, but reading books for this should leave me enough time for blogging.
So today I have for your one of my all-time favorite greens. It is British Racing Green from Butter London. I love love love that color! If I can ever afford a brand new car I'd want it to be exactly this color, lol.


Just a quick update

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since my last post again. But I am still here! Sadly I did not have a lot of time lately to paint my nails or post the manicures I already did. It is only one more week before I have to submit my thesis to my professor and I still have quite a few things to do. Editing and formating isn't fun, I can tell you! Hopefully I will be back as soon as possible! I will submit my thesis on Monday, then my PI needs some time to read it and I hope there won't be any complaints or needs for further corrections. If he's ok with my work I can FINALLY go to the copy shop and print it. Most of the work will be done by then. Afterwards I "just" need to pass the final oral exam, but I hope I can find the time to blog in between learning sessions.

On a different note: thanks again for all your lovely comments on my Polish Olympics manicure. I had so much fun creating it and seeing all the other fabulous designs. Guess what, I even won the silver medal. Wow, never expected to win anything so I was super happy when I heard this! Thanks a lot to Hannah from PollyPolish, the organizer of Polish Days.

And even more happy news: a few days ago my blog hit 400 followers! So many of you, thank you thank you thank you! As I said before, I will be back to regular posting soon so in the meantime I hope you enjoy my previous work ;)

That's it for now, have a great Sunday and see you all soon!
<3 Sabine

Polish Days Vol. 3 - Polish Olympics

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hi everyone!

Yes, I am back! I have been absent for far too long! Most of you might already know that I am currently writing my PhD thesis, which does not leave a lot of time for polishing nails or blogging. I am not yet completely done with my thesis. The first draft is finished and now I have three more weeks for corrections before I have to submit my thesis. So I am still busy but I wanted to participate in Polish Days so badly that I decided to squeeze in a day for nail art and blogging.

My first two attempts were massive failures and I am not 100% happy with the result of trial #3, but I hope you will like my contribution for #PolishOlympics anyway :)