Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Essie - Armed and Ready

Hi everyone!

I apologize for the lack of posts this past week. Last week kept me super busy. I had to coach several students in a course about molecular biology. It is always fun to go "back to the roots" (as a Bachelor student I took the exact same course), but it is kinda stressful when you need to get your own work done at the same time. This past weekend I went to Hamburg to see the show "Corteo" by Cirque Du Soleil. The tickets were a present from my parents for my PhD and I was really excited, because I've been wanting to see one of their performances for years. What can I say, it didn't disappoint me. It was pretty amazing, especially the artistic performances. That would have been the perfect occasion to wear one of my China Glaze Worlds Away polishes, but it didn't work out that way (in fact, I ended up wearing Purr-fect Plum by China Glaze, because it matched my lipstick, lol). Right after I came home from this weekend trip I fell sick. So I spent those last two days at home on my couch, but today I feel good enough to finally write this post.

So without further ado, let's get to the nail polish I want to show you today. This is Essie Armed And Ready from their Go Overboard collection for Spring 2012. I picked this one up while I was in NYC last April, but somehow I completely forgot to wear it until recently. What a shame, because it really is a pretty color!

Honestly, Armed And Ready does not scream Spring to me, because it is a dark color. To me, it looks like a very dark olive green color with hues of grey and brown. Inside the base color you find coppery golden shimmer, which is obvious in the bottle. It doesn't translate well onto the nails, though. I can only see it in bright light, while it is unnoticeable indoors or in dim light. But that doesn't make this color any less pretty! My only complaint would be the brush. The US Essie bottles still have those skinny brushes that cover just a small part of my nail. I prefer the thicker and wider brushes the Essie bottles have over here.
Sadly, I do not know if this shade is still available. It is not part of the standard range, but some online retailers might still carry it.

That is it for today. Now I am going back to my couch, cuddling up to my blanket and hot water bottle. Have a nice evening and thanks for stopping by!
<3 Sabine


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