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#PolishDays January 2013: Something New

Welcome dear reader
to the very first Polish Days event of 2013. This month’s topic is “Something New” – thanks to Hannah from PollyPolish for coming up with this great theme! 

I have to apologize in advance, because this post does not include my nails. Sorry for disappointing you, but I hope you’ll read on anyways! This blog is called My Polish Stash and I have been blogging for a little over one and a half years by now without ever really showing you my polish stash (ok, there was a rather rudimental post in the very beginning of my days as a blogger, but that does not really count). Over the last year, my stash has drastically expanded. Further, I moved my beloved polishes into a new home just after Christmas. So I thought sharing some impressions of my stash would nicely suit the “Something New” theme. Plus, ever since I became passionate about painting my nails, I’ve always wanted to make a spreadsheet, but then never got around to doing it. So during my Christmas holidays I went through my stash, reorganizing it and filing every single bottle of nail polish (and purging my collection at the same time, so watch out for an updated blog sale in the near future ;) ) and putting them together into a spreadsheet, which you find HERE.
So if you’re not put off by the thought of seeing my polishes’ home instead of my painted nails, read on after the jump. 
Most people with a larger nail polish collection like to store it in a so called Helmer from Ikea, because it is inexpensive and holds quite a lot of bottles. I never really liked the design of a Helmer, but was in need for something to store my growing collection in (I used to store my polishes in shoe boxes before, which made it impossible to organize them). I stumbled upon the Alex, a drawer unit also available at Ikea. It comes in two versions, a wide, but small one and a narrow, but tall version. I got the first one, because I liked that it had casters, so I could move it around and it also fit the available space in my office perfectly. Soon after assembling it I was confronted with the cons of this furniture. OPI bottles did not fit into the small drawers and it was almost impossible to see (or even grab) the bottles in the back. So at the end of 2012 I decided to go to Ikea again and this time I got the taller Alex. Well, I ended up buying two of these, but don’t worry, only one of them holds my nail polishes. The other one is mostly empty at the moment and I will put non polish related stuff in there. Honestly, I prefer this taller one, because OPI bottles also fit into the smaller drawers and especially in the large drawers, you can easily reach for the bottles in the back. After talking about my stash for so long, shall we finally have a look at what it looks like inside?! 

Let’s start with the very first drawer. This is the nail care drawer, where I keep all my nail files, buffers, cuticle treatments, orange sticks… I put the Summera drawer insert (also from Ikea) inside, to keep everything organized.

The second drawer is the top and base coats drawer and holds – surprise, surprise – mostly top and base coats, but also nail treatments as well as some nail art stuff like glitter or acrylic paint.

Now we’re finally coming to the polish part. The third drawer is where I keep polishes from German drugstores. It houses mostly Essence and Catrice, but also a few Manhattan, L’Oreal, Max Factor and Kiko polishes.

In the fourth drawer I keep polishes from various international brands, mostly Essie and Orly, but also Zoya, Sinful Colors, Barry M, Nails Inc, Color Club and a few others.

The fifth drawer again holds international polishes such as a-England, Butter London, CND, Cult Nails, Illamasqua, NfuOh, Nubar, Ozotics and more. I might rearrange those two drawers and put together the brands I have more polishes of in one, and brands where I have only one or two bottles of in the other.

The sixth drawer of my Alex contains my favorite nail polish brand China Glaze. This brand outnumbers all the other, I have 78 China Glaze polishes in total and there still is plenty of room in that drawer ;)

OPI is the second big brand that gets its own drawer. I have 61 of their polishes in total and I showed them all to you just recently in the OPI-Tag post.

Right beneath my OPI polishes I store all my nail polishes from independent brands. Most of them are Nerd Lacquers. I just love everything about them and I am so glad Amanda is back (and hopefully will create more of her gorgeous polishes). I also love Ninja Polish, Dollish Polish, Nostalgic Lacquer… I just like indie polishes in general :D This drawer also holds some Flormar polishes that I bought while I was on a conference in Leipzig recently and luckily one of their stores just opened by the time I was there. The long skinny bottles simply didn’t fit into the small drugstore drawer, that is why I keep them here.

The very last drawer of my first Alex contains polishes I purged and will sell or swap any time soon. I also store polishes I got for swaps in there.

Only two drawers of the second Alex harbor nail related stuff. In the first I keep more nail art tools, such as brushes, dotting tools, striping tape, stickers, rhinestones etc.

The other drawer is rather boring, as it only holds cotton, nail polish remover and nail wheels. Nothing fancy in here.

I just realized that this post has gotten a bit out of hand, so I’ll better stop blabbing here. Thanks and congrats for making it to the end. Still I hope you enjoyed it, even if there were no colorful nails involved. Maybe it was even a bit helpful if you’re thinking about setting up your own nail polish collection. Or maybe now you think "Now she has finally gone crazy, who in the world needs so much nail polish?!" But I know the nail polish lovers among you will understand ;)

Have a great day,
<3 Sabine


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