Friday, February 08, 2013

Nude nails with a twist

Happy Friday lovelies!

Can you believe another week of 2013 is already gone? I was hoping that work would become less stressful once I am done with my thesis. Well, needless to say it's not. But that is ok, because honestly I think I like my work even more now. Or at least I enjoy it more now that the pressure is gone and I do not have to worry about passing an exam anymore. I just wish I had more time to paint my nails...
So when I wore OPI Tickle My France-y recently and it showed some tipwear after two days, I decided to "recycle" my manicure due to lack of time. I took inspiration from a recent limited edition called NEONaturals by Catrice, where they paired neutrals with neon polishes. So here is what my interpretation of nude nails with a neon twist looked like.

Usually I am not a fan of nude nail polishes, but Tickle My France-y is a really pretty shade and I like how it looks on me. I got this in a swap with a MUA member and now I am glad I chose this one from her list :) It is a bit on the sheer side, so after two coats you can still see some visible nail line. But this is totally fine considering this is meant to look "nude" on your nails. I picked American Apparel Neon Red for my neon details. I wanted to add half moon shapes and French tips to each nail using these French manicure stickers you can find at drugstores. Sadly, this didn't work out well, as the lines weren't crisp and even. So I freehanded the shapes and corrected everything with one of those nail polish remover pens. This probably wasn't the best choise either, but somehow I managed to end up with something that looned like half moons and French tips. This might be a not so common color combo, but I like how the neon polish pops against the subtle background color!
Would you wear a combination like this? And maybe you have the ultimate tip for the perfect French manicure or half moon shape for me ;)
Thanks for reading, I am wishing you all a great weekend. To my followers at the east coast of the US, stay safe and warm!
<3 Sabine


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