Friday, March 01, 2013

Swatches & Review: Essence - Witch You Were Here Magnetic Polish

Happy Friday everyone!

From time to time my nails need a fresh start. When I recently tore a nail on my right hand all the way down at the nail bed, it was the perfect time to cut down my nails. Usually I do not like to wear nubbins, because they make my fingers look even shorter than they already are. Short nails however do come in handy for some manicures, for example when I want to use magnetic polishes. Some magnets are just too small for longer nails and I cannot get the design on my whole nail. Last weekend I came across the new Essence display and found a new magnetic polish called Witch You Were Here. They also improved their magnet and the brand claims the effect was stronger compared to their old formulation. So I gave this a try and was really surprised and pleased by the result.

Witch You Were Here is a metallic teal color in the bottle. Once applied, it has a frosty finish, but after magnetizing the polish all of the brush strokes are gone. For this manicure I did one thin coat without magnetizing. Then I applied a thicker second coat and magnetized each nail one by one. I chose the Fancy Edge magnet, which creates this pretty chevron pattern. Once magnetized, the polish particles separate into the metallic teal color as well as a dark teal with green and fuchsia flecks. The design looks 3D like when I move my hand, an effect that I like. 
The magnet worked pretty well and so much better than their old magnet. I also prefer the shape of the new magnet, it is so much easier to handle. The pattern came out crisp, but when I applied my topcoat, the lines diffused again, probably because the top coat dissolves the polish a bit. I recommend applying the top coat floating, otherwise it'll smudge the pattern.
My final thoughts on this: While I did not like the old Essence magnetic nail polishes, this one really is an improvement, both polish and magnet-wise. For 1,99€ you get a decent quality polish. The magnets come in four different patterns and can be purchased individually for 1,79€. I will surely pick up another shade from that range.

What do you think of magnetic polishes? Yay or nay? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, wishing you all a great weekend.
<3 Sabine

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