Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catrice - Candy Shock LE Swatches & Review

Good evening everyone!

It is already late and I probably should be going to bed soon, because it's been a hectic and busy day, but I want to get this post up for you as soon as possible, so I'll stay up late today ;) I could have typed this post earlier this evening if a good friend hadn't called me and and if we hadn't talked for one and a half hours. Sometimes I just need a long chat with a close friend.

Today I want to show you the nail polishes from the current Catrice Limited Edition called Candy Shock. When I saw the promo pics, I wasn't overly excited by this collection. The polishes are pretty much your standard pastel colors and not very unique. While running errands at my drugstore last weekend I stumbled upon an almost complete display of the Candy Shock LE. I ended up taking all 4 polishes home with me, because I wanted to add more pastels to my stash for Spring and Summer. Believe it or not, but I have close to 600 polishes but hardly any pastel colors. Bummer! So if you want to see every shade in more detail and get my opinion on them, read on after the jump!

For all the swatches I did three coats and I did not apply any topcoat, so you can see the actual finish of each shade. All pictures were taken outdoors in natural light. I just had to take advantage of Spring's first rays of light.

First up is Vanilla Love, a pastel yellow with yellow shimmer. This one gave me the most trouble during application. The polish was sheer and went on patchy. Even after the third coat it still wasn't even, but I did not have the patience to add another layer. It dried to a shiny finish though and I'd love the color even more, if it didn't give me lobster hands. I love yellow, but it looks weird against my skintone. The shimmer sadly fades to nothing on the nails and I could only see it on camera.

Bring Me Peach is actually more of a medium orange creme and not as pastel-like as the other colors. The formula on this one was very thin and runny. It is one of those polishes that flood your cuticles if you do not apply it carefully. I was surprised to see this shade drying to an almost matte finish. Neither on the display nor on the bottle the company stated that this has a different finish. Solely on their homepage Catrice mentions that Bring Me Peach dries to a "chalky powdery finish". After three coats, you can still see some visible nail line, but it is not too noticeable in real life.

Next up is Play It Blue, which has the same chalky finish and sadly the exact cuticle-flooding formulation as Bring Me Peach . This is a very pale sky blue, nothing special, but still really pretty.

Last but not least is I Scream: Ice Cream! Even though puns like this are getting old, I already like the polish for its name. It is a pale lavender shade with matching shimmer. This one was easiest to apply out of the four Candy Shock polishes and has easily become my favorite of the bunch. I like the color and the texture was good - not too thin or too thick and it gave a nice and even coverage. Again, the shimmer is not terribly obvious on the nails, but more noticeable than in Vanilla Love.

My final thoughts on the Candy Shock polishes? I was disappointed and I definitely have seen Catrice doing better! Three out of the four shades required a lot of patience to apply neatly and the formulation wasn't the best. The shades are not very unique and if you're a nail polish collector, you already might have something similar sitting in your drawers. If you're a hard core pastel lover you can definitely make these work. However, if you're new to pastels and planning on adding pastel colors to your collection, I'd say go check out other brands (for example the Lime Crime pastel polishes). 
The Catrice Candy Shock Limited Edition is available throughout April and May 2013 in all drugstores selling Catrice. One bottle retails for 2,49€ and contains 10ml.

I hope this little overview was helpful. Let me know if you got anything from the collection and how you like it! Good night, sleep tight everyone :)


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