Friday, April 19, 2013

Essence - Floral Grunge LE - Grunge Me Tender & Lily Bloom

Happy Friday everyone!

Are you excited for the weekend, yet? Any plans? I probably should be preparing a talk due next Thursday, but I am going to meet some friends instead. The talk will have to wait until Sunday... 

Before the weekend, I want to show you my picks from the current Essence Trend Edition called Floral Grunge. This limited edition is supposed to be a mixture of female elements and grungy accents. The colors on the display seemed pretty random to me, but still I picked up two of the nail polishes. I chose 03 Grunge Me Tender, a shimmery mint green, and 02 Lily Bloom, a white with shimmer.

Let us start with Grunge Me Tender, shall we?

Grunge Me Tender is a pretty light mint green with silver shimmer flecks. On the cap there's a sticker with "The Suede". Let me tell you, the finish of this polish is nothing like the OPI Suedes! A suede finish is supposed to be matte with clearly visible shimmer particles. This polish isn't even completely matte, it rather dries to a satin finish. The shimmer particles don't stand out much, either. While other suede polishes I have tried were a bliss to apply, this one was sheer, thin and runny. I had to do three not so thin coats to get the coverage you see in the pictures. Meh.

I added Lily Bloom to my shopping cart, because I have always wanted a shimmery white polish in my stash. So I had pretty high hopes for this one ... only to get disappointed once more. Like Grunge Me Tender, this nail polish was sheer and thin. It went on super patchy and even a third coat could not get it even. Lily Bloom is meant to be "The Pearl" from the Floral Grunge collection. I don't want to argue about this finish being pearly or not, it just looks like a regular shimmer to me. 

I really don't know what is wrong with Cosnova lately - that is the company that owns both Essence and Catrice. The formula of their recent limited edition polishes was so odd - thin, runny, patchy... As with the Candy Shock LE by Catrice, I like the shades from Essence's Floral Grunge LE, but a lousy formulation ruins even the nicest color for me. Next time I come across a Catrice/Essence limited edition display I will think twice and probably skip their polishes, even though they might look pretty in their bottles. Even 2,49€ are too much for a polish I won't be wearing again.

Have you tried any of the Floral Grunge polishes? What are your experiences with the latest Essence or Catrice polishes?

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!


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