Friday, May 31, 2013

New In My Stash - May 2013

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it is the last day of the month already? For me, time really flew by way too fast. But the end of the month also means it is time for another "What's new in my stash" post, which will relentlessly visualize that once more I spent way too much money on nail polish and beauty products :D So while this post will give me a slightly bad conscience, I hope you will enjoy it (don't get me wrong, I really like writing these posts and I enjoy my purchases)! I decided to add a little "first impression" on the products, since clearly I haven't used them long enough to give a thorough review on them. So to see which products made it into my stash this past month, read on after the jump! But beware, this will be a wordy and picture heavy post ;)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peach & Mint Vertical Gradient

Happy hump day everyone!

I hope all is well at your end of the world. I have a four day weekend ahead of me and I cannot wait to have some free time to relax and do the things I love, because those last weeks have been exhausting. My nails even have been naked the last three days *shocker*, just because I was too tired to paint them after work. So the first thing I am going to do tomorrow morning is painting my nails. I always find it weird when I don't have any color on my nails, it feels like something is missing.

Anyways, you may or may not know that gradients are one of my favorite nail art techniques. Mostly because they just look great, but also because they're so easy to achieve. To get some variation into the theme, I tried doing a vertical instead of horizontal gradient. To go with the season, I picked China Glaze's Keep Calm, Paint On and Mimosa's Before Mani's (nope, I am not bad at grammar, but that is how it's written on the label! ;) ) from their Avant Garden collection.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Zoya - Pixie Dust Godiva

Hi everyone!

I am back with another sand style polish. Can you tell I am totally hooked on this finish?! It probably is one of those nail art trends that you either love or hate and I admit I was skeptical at first, too. What could be so special and new about a gritty glitter finish? Well, it turns out that the textured finish is far from being gritty. They feel more like fine sand paper and do not catch clothes. They do not require top coat and dry quickly on their own, which is always a plus when I am short on time. Another bonus is, that most of them wear like iron on me and I can get a week of wear out of them without any chips, cracks or tip wear. In short, textured polishes are my go to option for busy and stressful work weeks. And sadly my past three work weeks have been super busy, hence the lack of posts. I had to attend a scientific meeting last week, so I thought I'd rather put on a more decent shade to not scare off a potential future boss ;) I picked Zoya Godiva from their Pixie Dust range. It is a pretty nude shade with silver microglitter.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Dupe Alert! OPI - Jinx vs. Kiko Sugar Mats - Poppy Red

Good day everyone!

A few days after I went to Cologne for a little Kiko haul, I received a package from Chiro from NailOfThisWeek. She is a Japanese girl living in Germany and was so kind to organize a group buy from a Japanese web shop. I wanted to take part mainly to get my hands on some Zoya polishes. I love this brand, but haven't purchased any of their polishes in ages. That is, because it is hardly sold by any e-tailers that offer international shipping (the only one I know and have bought from in the past is While browsing the japanese website, I came across the OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girl collection and after seeing swatches over at the Manicurator, I knew I needed a few of these ladies in my stash. So Chiro got me Solitaire, Tiffany Case and Jinx. When I unwrapped the bottles, Jinx looked extremely familiar to me. Wasn't this looking exactly like one of the Kiko Sugar Mat polishes I bought a few days earlier?! I had to compare them immeditely, so I painted two nails with OPI Jinx and two nails with Kiko Sugar Mat Poppy Red (640). Can you tell which is which?


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Kiko Haul

Happy hump day lovelies!

In my last post I briefly mentioned that I was on Cologne last week to do a little shopping. Of course I had to visit the Kiko store and check out what's new. I have been eyeing their Sugar Mats polishes for a while, because I have really been digging the textured finish lately. They also have a new Summer collection out called Fierce Spirit. While I spotted many pretty colors, reason did triumph for once and I did not buy a whole lot. I am currently trying to cut down on my nail polish budget since I have been splurging too much lately. So here is my small, yet pretty Kiko haul (do three nail polishes even count as a haul?!).


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: P2 - Express Nail Polish Remover

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. At my end of the world, Sunday is almost over and as usual, my weekend was way too short, even though I had Friday off. So on this work-free day I went to Cologne to do a little shopping. I mainly wanted to go to the Kiko store to check out their new polishes and I also had planned to pick up some things at the MAC Pro Store. Guess what, when I arrived at the store it was closed due to annual stocktaking. I guess that's what you call bad luck. But I will surely go there again in the near future.

Today I have for you a long overdue review of the P2 Express Nail Polish Remover. You might wonder why the hell would I review an ordinary nail polish remover. Well, because it is not your ordinary nail polish remover. 


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Polish Days May 2013 - The Number 5

Good evening lacquerheads,

it is time for another round of the monthly Polish Days event :D This month's theme "The number 5" almost gave me a headache as I was thinking back and forth on what to do. Since I have been pretty much obsessed with green smoothies lately (I blame Julia from MissChievous for that, lol), I first thought I might do a design inspired by the slogan "Five a day". However, I quickly gave up on that idea, as I wasn't skilled and patient enough to recreate their logo. 
Then one evening I talked to Danny from Polish Chest on Twitter and she suggested a chevron design, as the Roman numeral "v" stands for five. She also came up with the idea of using the colors behind the hex codes #00005, #00055 to #55555. I found that was a brilliant idea and wanted to do a gradient with these colors. Three out of the five hex colors were extremely similar, though, so I had a look at the Pantone colors 555 and 5555. These two greens looked like they would make a nice gradient and when I stumbled upon a reciprocal gradient manicure from My Simple Little Pleasures, the final idea for today's manicure was born and executed straight away. 
Phew, sorry for the long background story. I hope it somehow made sense, but now let us move on to the eye candy, shall we?! So here is my "chevron aka v aka five reciprocal gradient using Pantone color 555 nail design".


Friday, May 03, 2013

Rock Chick Skittles

Hi lovelies!

I recently went to a heavy metal concert and thought that was the perfect opportunity to finally jump on the studded nails band waggon. I didn't want to put them simply over black polish (even though that would perfectly fit the clichée, right ;D). So I thought red and black and studs would look great together. Then I dug up one of my favorite Spoiled glitters, which has red, black and silver hexes and perfectly matched the theme. 

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