Monday, May 20, 2013

Dupe Alert! OPI - Jinx vs. Kiko Sugar Mats - Poppy Red

Good day everyone!

A few days after I went to Cologne for a little Kiko haul, I received a package from Chiro from NailOfThisWeek. She is a Japanese girl living in Germany and was so kind to organize a group buy from a Japanese web shop. I wanted to take part mainly to get my hands on some Zoya polishes. I love this brand, but haven't purchased any of their polishes in ages. That is, because it is hardly sold by any e-tailers that offer international shipping (the only one I know and have bought from in the past is While browsing the japanese website, I came across the OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girl collection and after seeing swatches over at the Manicurator, I knew I needed a few of these ladies in my stash. So Chiro got me Solitaire, Tiffany Case and Jinx. When I unwrapped the bottles, Jinx looked extremely familiar to me. Wasn't this looking exactly like one of the Kiko Sugar Mat polishes I bought a few days earlier?! I had to compare them immeditely, so I painted two nails with OPI Jinx and two nails with Kiko Sugar Mat Poppy Red (640). Can you tell which is which?

index finger: Kiko Sugar Mat Poppy Red, middle finger: OPI Jinx

For the swatches I did two coats of each polish without base and top coat. Pictures were taken outside in afternoon sunlight.

Can you tell on which nail I am wearing which polish? No? Neither could I if I hadn't written down which color went on which nail. On my index and pinkie nail I am wearing Kiko's Poppy Red (640) and on my middle and ring finger is OPI Jinx. In the bottles as well as on the nails I cannot see a difference between these two shades and I dare saying they're full on dupes! The color is a bright corally orange. Kiko says it was a "medium blue based red with gold shimmer", but it really doesn't look like a cool red to me. Depending on the lighting, it appears more corally or more orange. Both also have the same golden shimmer and even the formula appeared similar to me. OPI Jinx took a little longer to dry, but that is about the only difference I observed.

The OPI Liquid Sand nail polishes contain 15ml and retail for $9/16€. Kiko Sugar Mat polishes contain 11ml and retail for 4,90€ ($6,30 at current exchange rates), but to my knowledge, this brand is only available in Europe. So if Kiko is available to you and you have been eyeing Jinx, I'd say get Poppy Red instead and safe some money for another nail polish ;)

I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading, have a great day!


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