Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Polish Days May 2013 - The Number 5

Good evening lacquerheads,

it is time for another round of the monthly Polish Days event :D This month's theme "The number 5" almost gave me a headache as I was thinking back and forth on what to do. Since I have been pretty much obsessed with green smoothies lately (I blame Julia from MissChievous for that, lol), I first thought I might do a design inspired by the slogan "Five a day". However, I quickly gave up on that idea, as I wasn't skilled and patient enough to recreate their logo. 
Then one evening I talked to Danny from Polish Chest on Twitter and she suggested a chevron design, as the Roman numeral "v" stands for five. She also came up with the idea of using the colors behind the hex codes #00005, #00055 to #55555. I found that was a brilliant idea and wanted to do a gradient with these colors. Three out of the five hex colors were extremely similar, though, so I had a look at the Pantone colors 555 and 5555. These two greens looked like they would make a nice gradient and when I stumbled upon a reciprocal gradient manicure from My Simple Little Pleasures, the final idea for today's manicure was born and executed straight away. 
Phew, sorry for the long background story. I hope it somehow made sense, but now let us move on to the eye candy, shall we?! So here is my "chevron aka v aka five reciprocal gradient using Pantone color 555 nail design".

I tried to find a color in my stash that matched Pantone color 555. I compared my polish bottles to the color on my screen and OPI - Don't Mess With OPI was as closest as I could get. For the gradient I further used OPI - Here Again...Aragon Tomorrow and OPI - Mermaid's Tears.
I don't know about you, but I really like how this came out. The reciprocal gradient gives the design more depth and makes it look 3D-ish. My favorite nails are my left index (because the v shape came out best) and my pinkie nail, where this 3D effect is best visible.
This design took some time to achieve, but it wasn't hard to do. I have already planned to do another reciprocal gradient design with a different pattern soon.

I hope you enjoyed this Polish Days manicure and make sure to check out all the other great creations!
Thanks for reading,


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