Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: P2 - Express Nail Polish Remover

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. At my end of the world, Sunday is almost over and as usual, my weekend was way too short, even though I had Friday off. So on this work-free day I went to Cologne to do a little shopping. I mainly wanted to go to the Kiko store to check out their new polishes and I also had planned to pick up some things at the MAC Pro Store. Guess what, when I arrived at the store it was closed due to annual stocktaking. I guess that's what you call bad luck. But I will surely go there again in the near future.

Today I have for you a long overdue review of the P2 Express Nail Polish Remover. You might wonder why the hell would I review an ordinary nail polish remover. Well, because it is not your ordinary nail polish remover. 

The P2 Express Nail Polish Remover comes as a sponge soaked with the remover. All you have to do is stick your finger into the whole in the middle, twist a few times and you're done.

What it claims: "Nail polish remover removes efficiently nail polish with integrated sponge. Dip finger into the foam and turn around. With a nice care fragrance. For artificial nails."

I have to admit this remover lives up to its claims - at least when you're wearing creme polishes. When I tried it the first time, I wore 3 coats of a P2 nail polish with a creme finish. I just stuck my finger in there, turned it once and the polish was completely gone. This one was so much faster than my usual "soak cotton ball with remover, put on nail and wait 2-3 minutes" routine. I was seriously impressed. It also works nicely with shimmer polishes. For glitter, I found you have to twist a bit more and rub your nails against the sponge to get it off. And that us where the problems start. All the shimmer and glitter particles accumulate in the sponge and cling to your fingers when you pull them out. If you wash your hands after use, which I do regardless of the nail polish remover I use, that shouldn't be much of a problem.

The P2 Express Nail Polish Remover dries without leaving any residues. However, I do not think this product has "a nice care fagrance". In fact, it has a sharp and rather unpleasant smell. This is due to the MEK or methyl ethy ketone, which acts as the solvent in this remover. MEK is very similar to acetone and in the industry is used to dissolve resins and various coatings. So even though the bottle says "acetone free" this remover isn't gentle at all. It was really drying on my skin and my nails became brittle after a few uses (I blame this remover, because I haven't changed anything else).

50 ml cost 3,95€, thus the P2 Express Nail Polish Remover is pretty expensive and will not become my "everyday" nail polish remover. It does however come in handy for traveling, because even when you turn the bottle upside down, no remover leaks from the sponge. Plus, it is much easier and faster to use than those nail polish remover wipes or pads I used to take on trips in the past.
The pros: removes all polishes more or less quickly and efficiently; easy to use; great for traveling
The cons: sharp smell; very drying; build-up of old pigments in the sponge; expensive
All in all, this product does a great job, but I would recommend the P2 Express Nail Polish Remover only to the occasional nail polish wearer or for traveling due to its drying character and the price.

Have you tried the P2 Express Nail Polish Remover or other sponge-type removers? Let me know what your experiences are and what your go-to nail polish remover is.

Thanks for reading!


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