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Review: Mont Bleu Nail Files

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Today I have something a little different for you. A few weeks back someone from the PR department of Mont Bleu contacted me, asking if I was interested in reviewing a few of their products. Mont Bleu is a Czech company based in Prague that produces "luxury crystal glass nail files, jewellry, bijoux, beauty accessories, gifts and souvenirs". Since I have heard good things about their nail files, I agreed to test drive some items. A few days later, a generous package with five of their products arrived: three different nail files, a pair of tweezers and a pair of crystal earrings.

Their crystal files are decorated with SWAROVSKI® elements and come in a variety of colors. This regular-sized nail file has a length of 135mm/5.32 inches. My nails are pretty sturdy and taking down nail length was no problem with this file. It is a little rougher compared to my favorite file from Cult Nails or the glass file from OPI (which I smashed recently :(. R.I.P. trusty old friend), so I still like to use another file to seal the nail plate and smooth the edges. Some cheap glass files from the drugstore I used before lost their grittyness after several uses, but this file does not show any signs of wear so far. I am confident that despite hard nails and regular usage this will last me a long time. And with a price tag of 10€ (approx. $13) it is pretty affordable, too.

The Mini glass nail file is the little sister of Mont Bleu's Crystal nail file. With a size of 90mm/3.55 inches it is perfect to wear in your purse or take it with you on a trip. I personally find it too small for regular shortening. I carry it in my purse so I have a file handy when I break or tear a nail while I'm out and about. The mini file also comes in a variety of colors and is available with (8€/~$10,50) or without (4€/~$5,25) crystallized SWAROVSKI® elements.

The hard case nail file is the perfect companion for longer trips when I need to give myself a manicure. It is not as pretty as the crystallized files, because it lacks decorations. Instead it comes in a sturdy plastic case, which keeps it clean and prevents it from breaking while being carried around in your bag. The cap closes tightly so the cover won't accidentally come off in your bag. I find the file to be exactly the same grittyness and quality as their Swarovski crystal nail file and it performs just the same. It is a bit shorter than the crystal file (125mm/4.92 inches long), but still the perfect size for filing down my nails. The hard case nail file is available in eight colors and retails for 9€/~$11,80.

Mont Bleu also offers slanted tweezers in different colors decorated with Swarovski crystals. I don't use tweezers often, because I get me brows waxed. Instead I am keeping these on my table and use them for nail art (placing stickers, tape, studs etc.). For the purpose of this review I did use it to tweeze a stray hair every now and then and it worked very well. I can't compare it to Tweezerman, which seem to be all the rage, because I never felt the urge to pay 22€ for a pair of tweezers. This one is almost half the price (12€/~$15,70) and fulfills my needs.

The last item I got was a pair of earrings with swarowski elements. I always wear studs, but these just aren't my style. I also didn't dare trying these on, as many fashion jewelry items are made of nickel and I am allergic to this element. The website states their earrings are "covered with hypo allergic metal", but I am better safe than sorry! Mont Bleu's Crystal earrings are available in lots of different styles and colors and cost 8€/~$10,50.

All products I showed you plus much more is available online at
I really recommend their nail files. They're good quality for a reasonable price. Good news is, Mont Bleu ships worldwide for little money! There is a flat fee for delivery by air priority mail, no matter how many items or what the weight is. It's 3€ / $3,90. They also offer free airmail priority shipping if you spend more than 38€/$50.

I hope this review was informative and helpful for you. You probably have seen several bloggers reviewing items from this brand recently and I hope you aren't tired of them, yet ;) 

Thanks for reading, have a good day!


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