Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Barry M Gelly - Passion Fruit & Comparison

Good evening!

It seems that high shine finish nail polishes are all the rage at the moment. There is P2's Volume Shine range here in German drugstores, Sinful Colors Gel Shine in the US and the UK has Barry M Gelly polishes. Maybe there are more out there that I haven't even heard about, yet. I never really cared for these high shine gel-like finishes, as I put a shiny top coat over every manicure anyway. But then, the lovely Hanny from Polly Polish came to thwart my plans of not getting any of these polishes. A few weeks back she posted swatches of the new Gelly hi-shine polishes for Summer 2013 and I was hooked! These colors were so bright and fun, perfect shades for the sunny season. When I first saw her photos, the nail polish hoarder in me screamed "Buy all of them, they look so pretty!", but that little bit of self control somewhere in the back of my head whispered "Maybe it's safer to try just one or two, you can still go back and get more!" So when I ordered Essie In The Cabana from, I also threw two Barry M nail paints into my cart - Key Lime and Passion Fruit, of which I'll show you the latter today.



Passion Fruit is a bright corally red color. I found this to be on the thick side and it didn't level out too well. Two coats were enough for full coverage, but I assume you can also get away with one thick coat. Stupid me forgot to take pictures of the manicure without a top coat, so sadly you cannot see how shiny this is pre-top coat.
Right after I unwrapped this polish, I felt like I have seen this color in my stash before. So I compared all my coral red swatch sticks and indeed I found a bunch that were similar, if not identical, to Barry M Passion Fruit.


From thumb to pinkie the colors are American Apparel Neon Red, Essie Hip-Anema, Barry M Passion Fruit, Essie Olé Caliente and P2 Volume Gloss Grand Dame. Neon Red clearly is lighter and more pink (it is not color accurate here, sorry), while Hip-Anema is more red. Passion Fruit, Olé Caliente and Grand Dame look really similar to me. Olé Caliente might be a smidgen lighter than Passion Fruit, but in direct sunlight it is almost impossible to tell them apart. So if you have any of these polishes, I'd say skip Passion Fruit. If your collection lacks a corally red creme, you should definitely look into the Barry M collection! I still need to try Key Lime and I am thinking about getting Blue Grape later on.

Have you tried any of these high shine polishes? If so, what is your favorite color and/or brand? I'd love to check out the Sinful Color ones, but sadly I do not have access to them.

That is it for today. Happy hump day and thanks for reading!


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