Thursday, July 25, 2013

Emerald Zig Zag French Manicure

Hi gals,

I really like the look of a neat classic French manicure from time to time, but I don't dare to wear them that often, because my nails are stained a bit from wearing polish all the time (and because I suck at free-handing the tips and with tape I can never get crisp lines). I tried removing the stains with whitening tooth paste, lemon juice and even these "destainers" you can buy at the drugstore - none of these methods really worked for me, so I just gave up on it. Still I recently felt like wearing French nails, so I picked a slightly more opaque shimmery base color to hide the yucky yellowness. To spice things up a bit I chose an emerald green shimmery polish and created some zig zag French tips for a change. 

The green translucent shimmery base color is Amour Starlight Green, which I got a couple of years back with my very first Transdesign order. I mainly got it because I thought it would be a cheaper alternative to the CND Effect polishes. The shimmer in this isn't as fine as in the CND polishes and it also has a strong chemical smell. The color itself is really pretty though.
For the tips I used scotch tape cut with zig zag scissors and Welcome To Forks from Dollish Polish. Sadly, this shade has been discontinued by now.
The manicure would have looked better if I had placed the tape a bit further down the nail to completely hide my free edge... Oh well, still I like how this came out.

How do you like French nails? Maybe someone has the ultimate tip on how to create the perfect French smile line *pleeeaaase* ;)

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