Friday, July 12, 2013

Models Own - Fruity Pastel Skittles

Happy Friday everyone!

I cannot believe how quickly this week went by. I am glad it finally is Friday evening and I have a free weekend ahead of me. I might head to Ikea to look for a new coffee table (and a few candles, I can never leave that store without buying at least a few tea lights).
Do you remember how I told you about my never ending search for the perfect pastel nail polishes? I have tried a few by now and sadly most of the time the formula left much to be desired. When I heard about the Models Own Fruity Pastel collection, I knew I had to give these a try. I mean hello, they're pastel creme polishes and they're scented AND they have food names! Needless to say I bought all five of them and I thought they would make a cute skittle manicure.

 Sorry for the awkward hand pose, I really need to find a nice way to incorporate my thumb nail into pictures :) So from left to right these are Blueberry Muffin, Grape Juice, Apple Pie, Strawberry Tart and Banana Split. Formula-wise these were nice. I needed three coats of each, except for Grape Juice, which was opaque with two. However, I recommend wearing a ridge-filling base coat with these. I found they accentuated every little unevenness on my nails, but after applying a topcoat, everything was nice and smooth. I somehow had hoped my nails would smell like a fruit salad, but they didn't. The only one I found smelling kinda like its eponym was Banana Split. All the others smelled very artificially and not exactly like Apple Pie or Grape Juice, but in the end I didn't buy these for their smell, so I am ok with that.
To spice these skittles up a bit I added some shoe lace nail decals. I have never tried these water decals before, but they were really easy to use. I like the look of these tiny pastel shoes on my nails, lol. I got the decals from BornPrettyStore, a shop that sells lots of different decals for nail art, and with the code KYL91 you will get 10% off your order.

I hope you like this manicure as much as I do. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite pastel polish!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading,


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