Monday, August 12, 2013

Gradient Tribal Nails

Hello everyone,

how can it be Monday again? I hope all of you had a great weekend! Since the weather was nice, we had a little barbeque and I tried the famous S'mores for the first time. In the grocery store I came across a bag of giant marshmallows and had to pick them up. While browsing Instagram I discovered that August 10th was National S'mores Day - how fitting ;) A had a hard time roasting my marshmallows over the grill, because I didn't have a long stick or fork and I almost burned my hand, but it was worth it. So gooey and sweet and yummy, lol. I also found a recipe for S'mores cupcakes which I need to try soon :D

OK, enough with the rambling, on to the nails! Today's manicure was kind of a fail to me and I am not overly happy with it. Still I decided to publish it as I wanted to share an honest review of the Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen with you. For quite some time I didn't know what to do with a nail art pen, because I am not overly skilled at free-handing designs. While browsing blogs for inspiration I came across Sammy's Tribal Nail design and thought that was a nice, doable design for me. It turned out that manageable doesn't necessarily mean it comes out beautiful, lol.

I started out with a sponged gradient of Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly in Lychee and Key Lime. I love how the lime green blends into the nude-ish color of Lychee. Key Lime is similar to The More The Merrier from Essie's recent Naughty Nautical collection, but they're not dupes. Key Lime is a bit darker and dustier. I should have taken a picture of the gradient on its own. Too bad I didn't... 
For the tribal dersign I chose a black nail art pen, because I thought this would give me more control than a striping polish. While my design looked ok from a distance, the macro mode of my camera brings out all the patchyness and wonkyness of the lines. Like I said, I am not skilled at free-handing.
I also wasn't too happy with the nail art pen. The very first thing that turned me off was the fact that I had to pump for about 10 minutes to get the color out of the tip. The tip itself is really small and allows you to draw detailed designs and fine lines. Make sure your base color is completely dry, otherwise you might scratch it, as the tip is very firm! I wish the paint itself was more pigmented so you could get an opaque line with just one swipe. The color itself dried pretty quickly to an almost matte finish, so top coat is a must of you want your design to look shiny. 
The pen I received for this review doesn't look like the ones actually shown on the Born Pretty Store website, so there might be a difference between them. If you have tried the JOYME nail art pen from them, let me know! If you now want to do your own nail art, BPS sells tons of items for that. With the code KYL91 you get 10% off your order.

Have you ever used a nail art pen? If so, let me know how you liked it and/or which is your favorite! I really want to try more designs with these pens, as I find them more convinien than stripers.

I hope this manicure wasn't a complete turn-off for you ;)
Thanks for looking, have a fab start into this new week!

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