Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Manhattan Community Colors ~ Cross-Berry

Hi everyone,

today I want to share with you one of my very few Manhattan nail polishes. I rarely pay attention to their nail polishes as the colors are rather boring to me. Every now and then though, Manhattan comes up with an interesting limited edition they created in association with fashion gurus (remember the blogger collection last year). Their newest LE is called Community Colors, which features 20 nail polishes that were developed via "crowdsourcing": a community of nail polish lovers created various colors of which the 20 most popular ones made it into this limited edition. And finally, Manhattan ventured out of their creme-finish comfort zone and released glitter, foil and jelly polishes, so I was excited to see these. I ended up getting only one polish which seemed the most unique to me. The color I chose was Cross-Berry, a muted purple with green shimmer and tiny multichrome flakes. It is so complex and hard to describe, so let's have a closer look :)

direct lighting
direct lighting
I used two coats here and had no issues with the formula. The color went on a bit frosty, but after I put on a layer of top coat, the brush strokes pretty much disappeared. Sadly, the small multichrome flakies weren't very obvious on the nails and even my camera just did not pick them up properly. Still I loved the chameleon effect this polish had: while it appeared a dusty purple color in shade and diffuse light, it changed to a bright and sparkly purple in sunlight.

The Manhattan Community Colors are available in German drugstores now and retail for ~2,50€ a bottle.

That is it for today. Have a lovely day and see you soon!


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