Thursday, November 14, 2013

Empties Vol.1

Hi peeps,

today I have a different kind of post for you. I want to share my trash with you :D That is the face/body/hand/nail care products I finished recently. I find that only after using a product for quite some time I can give a thorough review on it, since some products need some time in order to work (such as face cream). This post is not only nail related, so if you can't stand seeing other items on a nail polish based blog, feel free to click 'x' (still I hope you'll stay until the end of this post). And without further ado, let's dive right into my trash can.

empty products face body hands

origins bioderma the body shop philosophy

Let us start with a few face products.

1. Philosophy ~ Purity Made Simple Mineral Oil Free Facial Cleansing Oil. I have heard many good things about but this brand, but sadly it is not available in Germany. So I picked up this cleansing oil in a Dutch perfumery called Ici Paris XL. It was pretty expensive, around 20€ for 174ml, but I do not regret splurging on this product. Its consistency is very thin and it easily breaks down water-proof mascara. After I use the oil, I wash my face with a regular foming cleanser and my skin is 100% clean afterwards.

2. Bioderma Sébium H2O. This is another make up remover from a French pharmacy brand. If you're into make up, you have probably heard of Bioderma before. This version is made for oily skin, but after taking off my make up, my skin felt a little tight and dry, so I will stick with the regular version in the future.

3. Origins Starting Over Age Erasing Eye Cream with Mimosa. I got the full size of this eye cream after finishing a sample which I really enjoyed. This was my first Origins product ever and will most likely be the last. I find Origins' products are a bit overpriced for what they are (the ingredients are not as organic and natural as the brand likes us to think). At least a little goes a long way and the jar lasted me quite some time.

4./5. The Body Shop Coconut/Shea Lip Butter. Technically, these two items aren't empty, but I've had them for quite some time and they looked pretty gross by now. I simply never reached for them, as I find these pots kind of unhygienic *note to self: stop buying lip care products in jars*

alverde deo wolkenseifen deocreme

Next up are two body care items, deodorants to be exactly. Around Spring time this year I decided to ban antiperspirants containing aluminium from my bathroom. Aluminium salts are the active ingredients in antiperspirants. These prevent sweating by simply clogging your sweat glands. Aluminium salts have been associated with breast cancer in several studies. Since breast cancer has been running in our family, I simply decided to eliminate potential risk factors (or at least reduce them to a minimum). So I started my hunt for the perfect natural, aluminium free deodorant. These will not prevent sweating, but eliminate the odour caused by bacteria breaking down the sweat. Oh well, enough of the yucky details :)

1. Alverde Sensitive Deo Roll-On Dry with Aloe and Rice. This is an organic drugstore brand available at DM. Their products are very affordable and I really like their shower gels. But this deodarant didn't do anything for me, neither concerning the sweating nor the smell. Boo.

2. Wolkenseifen Deocreme Weekender. This deodorant I did like! It comes as a cream and is very easy to use. A little goes a long way and this 50ml jar lasted me almost half a year. The cream is vegan and available in various different scents. Wolkenseifen is a small indie company here in Germany. In the US, something very similar is available from Soapwalla if you're interested.

balea wolkenseifen crabtree and evelyn hand care

Now we finally come to the hand and nail care products :)

1. Balea Q10 + Omega anti-age hand cream. This is another drugstore brand here in Germany. I picked this up because it is one of the very few drugstore hand lotions that has SPF. I find during summer time SPF on my hands is almost as important as SPF on my face. When we're 40, we don't want the hands of a 60 year old, do we?! Sadly this cream didn't work for me. It just wasn't rich enough for my hands and I did not like the smell. I am currently using one from Vaseline with SPF15 which I like much better.

2. Wolkenseifen Cuticle Oil. This is another product from the German indie company I got the deo cream from. This cuticle oil is made exclusively from natural products with the main component being olive oil. It is not vegan, because it contains lanolin. I love this, it is so rich and moisturizing! Too bad it only comes is tiny 6ml bottles. I went through this rather quickly, but I used it at least once every day.

3. Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Nail & Cuticle Therapy. I got this cuticle cream after seeing it on Jen's blog a long time ago and I am so glad she recommended it to me :) It moisturizes my cuticles very well, is absorbed quickly and does not leavy a greasy residue, so it is good to use during the day. I am not sure if the Hand & Cuticle Therapy is still available. At least I could not find it on their website :( The hand cream from the same line is great, too! *note to self: get a new tube of this hand cream!*

This was my first empties post ever. I really enjoyed typing this and sharing my opinions on the products with you. Please let me know how you liked it, if it was helpful for you and if you would like to see something like this again in the future.

Have a great time and thanks for reading


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