Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Haul] MoYou London Stamping Plates

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me posting my newest nail polish stamping plates already. So far the only stamping plates I own are a few Essence plates and the Bundle Monster 2012 set. Sadly I pretty much suck at stamping, that is why you never see me posting stamped manicures. I do love to look at these gorgeous full nail designs and color combos and have always envied the stamping skills of my fellow bloggers. Then I heard about the MoYou XL stamper, which is supposed to be extra squishy and makes stamping especially on curved nails easier. So I went looking for that stamper and came across MoYou's super cute image plates. It was love at first sight and I had a hard time limiting myself to only three plates. Just a few days after I had placed my order, the plates were in the mail and I loved them even more in person. Call me crazy, but without even trying them, I ordered five more plates the next day. So here is a bit of a picture spam to show you my MoYou haul :)

stamping konad moyou
squishy nail art stamper
stamping plate
konad plate moyou
MoYou stamping manicure
MoYou London stamping plate
MoYou NYC stamping nailart
stamping konad nail art
manicure stamping konad

With NYC being my favorite city ever, these plates were pretty much a no brainer. I love the little tea cups and underground maps on the London plates. I love me some girly things from time to time, so I will surely enjoy the images from the Princess plates as well.
To get a feel for the MoYou stampers - I got both the huge squishy stamper and the smaller, but still squishy, pink stamper - I did some trials on paper. The polish I used was the black Essence stamping polish and it worked like a charm! Both stampers picked up the designs easily. Yet I need to find the right amount of pressure to transfer the designs nicely. If you apply too much pressure to the stamper, the image comes out distorted like Time Sq roadsign. I also had trouble getting the stamper to pick up the very fine details like the tiny dots around the cupcake.
As of now, I am quite confident I will get the hang of this technique some day and I cannot wait to share with you my first babysteps at stamping! Until then, I better stay away from MoYou's website, because they're constantly adding new plates to their collections and I want them all, lol.

Have you tried these stamping plates? I'd also like to hear about your ultimate tips for the perfect stamped manicure!

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