Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review ~ BornPrettyStore 2 Way Nail Art Polish Pen

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today I have for you a review of the 2 Way Nail Art Polish Pen from BornPrettyStore. This is not a usual review, where I would normally do some sort of nail design and incorporate their items, like I did in my Halloween Drag Marble for example. After playing around with this nail art pen, I just couldn't justify using it on a manicure and in a moment you will read why. Since this item was sent to me for an honest review, I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts with you, even though or despite the fact that it isn't a product I like. But keep in mind that only because a product didn't work for me, it might still work for you. So let me know your experiences with the product in case you have tried it!

While browsing BPS for new nail art tools, I stumbled upon the New 2 way Nail Art Dotting Paint Polish Pen Ball & Brush. I thought it would be neat to have kind of a dotting tool and a striper in one product. So I picked shade number 25, a blue glittery color. 
I was expecting one side to contain the striper and the other side the "dotting tool", at least that is what the package looked like to me. However, when I removed the larger black cap, there was... nothing! They could have skipped this unnecessary piece of plastic, but anyway. Turned out that you have to pull off the cap on the other side to reveal the dotting tip and unscrew it to reach the striping brush.
First I tried the dotting tip. I squeezed the pen and... nothing happened! There was no polish coming out of the tip, no matter how hard I pressed the tube. Maybe some polish had dried inside the tip and clogged it, so I took a needle and tried to free the tip. The tip is very thin and I could not get a needle in it. Personally I think the glitter particles are too big and simply don't fit through the narrow opening. Too bad, because I it would have made for a nice quick dotting tool alternative.
So on to the striping brush. In my eyes, the brush is way too large for delicate lines. It looks ok when you wipe off the polish, but once it is loaded with the polish, it has the size of a regular nail polish brush (think China Glaze or the US Essie brush). Another thing I did not like about the packaging was the fact that I did not know where to put it while I was using the brush. The tube itself is very unsteady, so you need something to support it if you don't want it to fall over and spill polish all over your desk.
On a positive note, the color itself is really pretty. A nice vibrant royal blue jelly base with small blue and purple glitter. In the picture above I painted a few lines and dots with the brush over black and white and it has decent color payoff. What kept me from using this on my own nails was the smell! It had a very chemical, unpleasant smell, like old paint or chemical solvents and gave me a headache. No bueno!

So I am sorry for this negative review, but this product didn't do anything for me. BornPrettyStore can do much better when it comes to nailart. But maybe it is only the glittery shades that don't work well, since I've come across quite some positive reviews about the creme shades. If you want to try the 2 Way Nail Art Polish Pen, it is available here and retails for $3.55. Worldwide shipping is free and with the code KYL91 you get 10% off your order.

Have you tried nail art tools like this? Let me know your thoughts!

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