Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rival De Loop ~ Perfect Rainbow

Good evening!

What is everyone up to this Sunday? I am sitting here in my PJ pants blogging away, still recovering from some sickness.
Today I have for you a brand that is completely new to my stash. It is from Rival De Loop, Rossmann's own-brand. That brand offers some nice skin and body care items, but I never paid much attention to their make up products, as I find them to be a bit cheap looking and not very appealing. That changed when I saw the polish Perfect Rainbow swatched on Conny's blog. The next day, I stopped by my local Rossmann drugstore and was lucky enough to find a bottle of this multichrome beauty.

multichrome nail polish perfect style
outdoors, overcast
rival de loop multichrome brown
daylight, overcast
multichrome brown purple nail polish
daylight lamp

Rival De Loop Perfect Rainbow
daylight lamp

rival de loop multichrome nail polish
daylight lamp

Perfect Rainbow is part of the Perfect Style limited edition, that features three multichrome polishes for 1,99€ each. Perfect Rainbow is a brownish base color with multichrome shimmer that shifts from green over blue to a fuchsia color. It is very shimmery and sparkly and changes its look at different angles and in different lighting. The only downside is that this nail polish is extremely sheer. I had to paint three coats to get the coverage you see above. You can layer it over a matching base color if you don't want to paint that many coats. I also tried layering it over black, which enhanced the multichromatic effect but eliminated the brown base color. Perfect Rainbow wore well for three days, so I think for 1,99€ you can't go wrong. Maybe I will even check out Rival De Loop's nail polish displays more often now ;)

Have a great Sunday, thanks for stopping by!


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