Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Skittle Nails

Happy Halloween everyone!

It is that time of the year and again I wish Halloween was bigger here (or I was living in the US instead). I can't help but love the costumes, parties, decorations and food that come with Halloween. Even though I am not celebrating, at least my nails should have a little Halloween party. So I pulled out the orange and purple polishes, sponges, stamping plates and gave it a go. Uhm, wait... did I just say stamping plates?! Yup, I am taking baby steps at this nail art and I hope that I'll be able to master the technique in the future. At the moment I am still struggling to find the perfect polish and stamper for my needs. So these skittles are far from being perfect, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway. I surely do ;)

gradient stamping OPI spotted Halloween

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween-ish Drag Marble Manicure

Hello everyone,

with Halloween just around the corner, I decided it was time to wear something related to the theme on my nails. When I saw Sammy's Halloween Patchwork Nail Art, I fell in love with the color combination. Bright orange, purple and green go perfectly together and these colors represent Halloween for me. Since I was short on time, I went with something quick and easy and did a drag marble with orange and purple polish, before I added some bright green studs to spice things up a bit.

drag marble halloween colors

Sunday, October 27, 2013

#instafood Vol.1 ~ Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hi ya!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far! Today I want to introduce another series here on My Polish Stash. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I like to post foodie things from time to time. So I will be sharing with you a few of the recipes from my instafood photos every once in a while. When I recently posted my self-made Pumpkin Spice Latte, quite a few of you wanted to know the recipe.
After hearing people rave about this drink, I had to run to my local Starbucks and try it as soon as it had finally found its way to the German stores this Fall. Maybe I was expecting too much, but PSL wasn't exactly my cup of tea. It was incredibly sweet and didn't taste like pumpkin to me. The girl at the counter even told us it doesn't contain anything real pumpkin, only flavored syrup. Bummer! So I decided to make one myself at home, with less sugar and artificial flavor and more real pumpkin taste. After browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I tried mixing my own PSL and this it what I ended up with.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte DIY

Friday, October 25, 2013

OPI ~ Here Again, Aragon Tomorrow

Good evening ladies and gents!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic recently, so I dug out my Alice In Chains songs and painted my nails with OPI Here Again, Aragon Tomorrow. This color along with Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees from La Coleccion De España (aka Spain collection) was my first OPI nail polish back in 2009. It is still one of my favorite polishes to wear during Fall.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New In My Stash Vol. 5

Happy hump day!

I haven't done my monthly New In My Stash posts in a while. The last one was in July and I did not buy a lot during August and September to show you a haul post. Thus, I figured I will do a collective "What's new in my stash" post every once in a while instead of monthly. I already showed you the things I got during my holidays in Spain. In this post, I will show you the other polishes that made it into my collection recently. This time, I did not include any make up, since I did not buy anything new. I need to play with what I have first and also I need to safe some money for my trip to the US in December ;) 


Monday, October 21, 2013

Kiko Laser Nail Lacquer ~ 436 Strong Chocolate

Hello everyone,

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I had a good time celebrating my mom's birthday and enjoying this beautiful Fall weekend. It was 20°C here with lots of sunshine, which is quite rare for October over here.
On my last trip to a Kiko store I spied their latest limited edition called Dark Heroine. I really like Kiko's nail polishes, the colors and quality are usually pretty good. But since I am trying to be more picky with my purchases and not get any colors I might already have similar ones of in my collection, I ended up only getting the dark brown called 436 Strong Chocolate from this collection. If you've been following me for a while, you might know that I am not a fan of brown nail polishes. Actually, it is my least favorite color, as most of the times brown looks like *you know what* on my nails. But this one is different and I found myself liking this a whole lot! 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guest Post at Polish Obsession

Hi loves,

today I am blogging over at Marisa's blog Polish Obsession to celebrate her two-year blogaversary. Please pay her a visit and check out all her lovely manicures!

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kiko Sugar Mat ~ Burgundy 645

Happy hump day!

It is Wednesday already and I hope the last two days of this week will fly by as fast as these first three did. My boyfriend has to work in Poland this whole week, so I am home alone. While I do like spending time by myself, I miss cooking with him or the teas and hot water bottles he usually brings me while I am chilling (in the literal sense of the word, lol) on the couch in the evening ;) So this evening I am passing my time editing photos and writing blog posts.

One of my favorite polishes this Fall is Burgundy 645 from Kiko's Sugar Mat collection. The Sugar Mats were their take on textured polishes and Kiko did a really good job with these. I say 'were' because I think they were discontinued a few weeks ago. When I went to a shop to pick up Burgundy, they were all on sale and most of them had already sold out. So I am sorry if I am teasing you with a polish you probably can't get anymore. But Burgundy is just too pretty not to share with you!

daylight lamp, no top coat


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spain Haul ~ Nail Polish, Make Up & Perfume

Happy Sunday gals,

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far! Today is a lazy day for me. This whole Sunday is dedicated to taking new pics for the blog, edit images, write posts and relax. If there is enough time left, I might even be able to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions. Actually there is not a lot I can do today, since I've been having some stupid pain in the back since yesterday. On Saturday I did some major Spring... errr, Fall cleaning and we set up a new couch table and a shoe rack we got from Ikea. My nails and back suffered quite a bit, but at least my home is nice and clean now. 
So today I can finally share my holiday haul from Spain with you. Surprisingly, I did not buy a whole lot of nail polish. I could not find an brands that were exclusive to Spain (or maybe I just did not know about them) and brands such as L'Oreal, OPI, Bourjois etc. were as expensive as here. So I focused on things I cannot get in Germany or deals that were too good to pass on. Let's have a look!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

China Glaze ~ Strap On Your Moonboots

Hi lovelies!

One of the last polishes I wore before I went on holiday was Strap On Your Moonboots from China Glaze's Hologlam collection. You just have to wear holographic polishes when the sun is out, as direct sunlight brings out the best in these nail polishes. Plus, they're perfect for when you are short on time but want to paint your nails. Usually holo polishes are opaque with max two coats and you don't need a top coat.


Sunday, October 06, 2013

Impressions from Andalusia

Hello everyone,

long time no see. It's been quite a while since I last posted something on my blog. I was on holiday most of September and during this time, I decided to not only take a break from work, but also from everyday life, including blogging and even painting my nails. I simply had to clear my head and recharge my batteries after a busy and stressful time. The only downside of taking a break from polishing is, that I do not have any swatches to show you. So I thought I'd share with you some impressions from my trip to Andalusia. It is such a nice area and I can only recommend going there once in your life if you can. It's not as crawling with tourists as Mallorca for example and still shows the "real" Spanish way of life. I hope you enjoy this little (picture heavy) impression from southern Spain :)

Beach La Fontanilla
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