Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catrice Crushed Crystals ~ Oyster & Champagne


Today I want to show you one of the polishes that will be part of Catrice's new standard range. The brand usually purges its range twice a year and we have to say goodbye to some beloved products. Gladly, Catrice usually releases some interesting new products that make up for the loss of the old ones. This time, I am really looking forward to their Crushed Crystals nail polish range. Three of these were recently released in a limited edition called LaLa Berlin Loves Catrice and I snagged the rosy-gold color Oyster & Champagne.

sand style nail polish

Catrice Crushed Crystals Oyster & Champagne
sand style glitter nail polish Catrice

Catrice says the "The Crushed Crystals offer a brilliant sandy finish and colours with high coverage". Sadly, I have to disagree with both. I love Oyster & Champagne in the bottle, it's coarse gold shimmer with rosegold hexes in various sizes in a clear base. On the nails the shimmer and glitter was sheerer than I had expected and I had to do three pretty thick coats to get a more or less opaque look. Also I find this does not dry to a textured finish, it just feels like a regular glitter polish without top coat. The photos were taken with one layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, as I preferred the shiny look.
Wear time is pretty good considering I painted on thick coats. I have been wearing this for four days now and there is only very minimal tipwear and no chips at all. Thumbs up for that!
Seems Catrice is slowly but steadily increasing their price tag, too. While Catrice polishes used to retail for 2,59€ (or was it 2,49€?!), they were 2,79€ last year and now a bottle costs 3,29€. Just so you know.

Although this polish was a let down for me, I will surely check our their other sand style polishes when they come out. I am still too infected with the textured nail polish virus ;) How about you, will you check out Catrice's take on the liquid sand finish?


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