Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nubar ~ Purple Beach

Happy Sunday!

It is not often that I see a Nubar nail polish on blogs. It seems like they don't release many new collections these days. And just when I thought this brand was about to sink into oblivion, they come up with a pretty collection (Crushed Candy - neon matte glitter anyone?!). I have not worn any Nubar polish in ages, but they used to make some of my favorite duochrome polishes. One of them (and one of the first Nubar shades I ever got) is Purple Beach, a complex purple shade.

Nubar Purple Beach_1

Nubar Purple Beach_3

Nubar Purple Beach_4

The first photo of Nubar's Purple Beach was taken close to my daylight lamp, where mainly the dusty purple base color shows up with a hint of the green duochrome at the edges. In more diffuse light aka further away from the light source, the purple appears deeper and warmer and the duochrome effect is more pronounced. The color-shifting properties of this nail polish come out best in dim light, where the main color is an olive green. I love this color combination and the complexity of Purple Beach!
Formula-wise, this polish is ok. It is a bit sheer on the first coat, but gets completely opaque with a second one. I suggest applying this with a light hand, is it has a tendency to show brush strokes. But if you like duochromes, it is worth the effort! 
I don't know if Nubar is still selling this shade, but you can get it on if you want to check it out.

Do you own any Nubar polish or is this a brand you don't usually pay much attention to?

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