Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lush Lacquer New Neons ~ Blurple & Splish Splash

Good evening!

Since Spring arrived early this year, I felt like wearing some bright colors on my nails this past weekend. Last summer matte neon glitters were all the rage and I was so glad when I finally managed to get some of Lush Lacquer's New Neons. But then I ended up wearing only Freckles and the other shades got lost in my drawers. Shame on me! So it was about time to pull out Blurple and Splish Splash. I recently got Essie Marshmallow in a swap and thought that was a nice combo. Initially I had planned to do a glitter sandwich, but I was afraid Marshmallow might obscure the matte glitter too much, so I simply wore two coats of the neon glitter over Essie Marshmallow.

Lush Lacquer Blurple Splish Splash Essie Marshmallow_1

Lush Lacquer Blurple Splish Splash Essie Marshmallow_macro

Man, if only I had known Essie's Marshmallow is a pain to work with. It is very sheer and goes on patchy and uneven, so I had a hard time laying down a base for my neon glitters. Somehow I managed to get a more or less even base. Afterwards I applied two coats of either Blurple or Splish Splash from Lush Lacquer. I wish the large hexes were easier to apply, because I had to fish for them quite a bit. Still I love the look of these matte almost translucent glitters. As a top coat I tried Glisten & Glow's HK Girl for the first time. Sadly it took a long time to dry my manicure, but that was probably due to the thick coats I applied to get everything even-looking. It also caused some bubbling of the polish, so I really hope that is not a general feature of this praised top coat. I will keep you updated on how HK Girl performs!

Did you already pull out the brights for this Spring season or are your nails still in winter mood?

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Sabine Siggy

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