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My Nail Care Essentials

Happy Monday and welcome to March everyone!

Today is Rosenmontag (Rose Monday or Carnival Monday) here in Germany. It's that day of the year where everyone dresses up, gets drunk and sings along to "Ballermann" music. As a kid I loved Carnival and dressing up (mostly, because my grandma used to sew my costumes every year). Today, Carnival is not for me anymore. The good thing about it is that we get Rosenmontag off, so I am currently enjoying a long weekend :)
It's been a while since I wrote about my favorite nail care products. Quite a bit has changed, so I decided to give you an update about my essential nail care items.

Hand and Nail Care Products

Lush Lemony Flutter

I guess it comes as no surprise that I love Lush Lemony Flutter. This product is still getting quite some buzz in the nail polish community. It really does a great job at moisturizing my cuticles (and rough elbows or knees). It is heavy and greasy, so I only use it at home (mainly when I'm watching TV when I don't have to tough too many things so I don't leave greasy fingerprints everywhere). 10,45€/$17 for 50ml might seem pricey, but a little goes a long way and that jar will last you for quite some time. I have to mention though that this does go bad after about a year or so. The oils and butters will get rancid and smell and consistency will change, so you will know when to toss it.

CND Solar Oil

Another staple product is CND SolarOil. I don't know through how many bottles I went by now. I just cannot live without that stuff! It is perfect for moisturizing my nails and cuticles during the day. In contrast to Lemony Flutter, this will sink into the skin quicker and not leave you with greasy fingertips. And gosh, that smell is amazing! This is a special edition for the Holidays that smells like amber and vanilla, but I prefer the original scent that smells like marzipan! I usually get mine from Transdesign, but you can get it from Amazon or Ulta, too.

Fenjal Care Handcream

To moisturize my hands during the day I am currently loving the Fenjal Care Handcream. I know I know, many of you are thinking "Fenjal? But that's an old ladies' scent!". Well, I agree the scent on their products isn't the most fancy one, but this hand cream does a great job (and the scent doesn't linger around for too long after application). This cream is light, sinks in quickly but still keeps my hands moisturized. That is all I am looking for in my everyday hand cream. I am afraid this will be discontinued soon. At least in my local drugstore it was marked 50% off.

HeyMountain cold Cream

For my nightly hand cream I like something heavier and the Cold Creams from HeyMountain cosmetics are perfect for that! Actually it was my boyfriend who came across this little company that sells handmade natural personal care products. By now I own three of their cold creams with different scents. Shown here are Winter Jam, that smells like prunes and spices, and Cinnamon Girl, which has a fruit punch scent.

Burts Bees Almond and Milk Hand Cream

My second favorite hand cream for the night is Burt's Bees Almond & Milk hand cream. Again I love this for the marzipan-y scent. This does smell very strong so it might not be for everyone! Other than that it is a nice heavy duty hand cream and I will definitely purchase it again - even though it's around the 10€ mark for 50ml.

Essence Cuticle Remover

Despite moisturizing well and regularly, my cuticles tend to overgrow from time to time. To remove dead skin I've been loving the Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover for years. I use this once a month, where I apply a thick layer over my cuticles, let it sink in for 30 seconds and gently push back my cuticles in circular motions with a rosewood stick. Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards to get rid of excess remover! Then I put on some lotion and my cuticles look perfect! The best thing about it is how affordable it is and it works just as well as expensive cuticle removers (think NfuOh)!

I hope this post was helpful for you and maybe you got some new ideas for products to try :) I love to discover new nail care products, so let me know what is a staple in your collection!

Thanks for reading and Helau or Alaaf :D
Sabine Siggy

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