Sunday, March 16, 2014

[Review] Underground Cosmetics ~ Locked & Loaded


today I have something a little different for you and I hope you enjoy this kind of post.
My friend Minnie from Underground Cosmetics recently sent me a few of her products to try. She initially started out as a nail polish enthusiast and blogger. Inspired by the nail polish community, she began to create her own nail polishes and from that Minnie ventured out to produce her own line of body care products. When Minnie asked me to review some of her items, I jumped at the opportunity. I've been following her for a while now and we share the love of researching beauty products ingredients. So I know she put lots of research, thoughts and care into her products.
The first item I want to share with you today is the Locked & Loaded Lip Balm and Lip Scrub Duo in Dulche de Leche. This product is described as follows: "Keep your lips Locked & Loaded with a mix of exotic oils and essentials oils. Tastes like sweet white rice with cinnamon and cream."

These are my first ever lip swatches. I know the lighting isn't perfect, but please bare with me. I hope you will get an impression of how the products perfom nonetheless.
The before picture was taken in the morning and I didn't apply anything to my lips. I always apply a lip balm before I go to bed, but still my lips are slightly dry the next morning. So the first thing I did was using the Lip Scrub part of the duo to get rid of dry flakes. The scrub comes in your usual lip balm tube that you just twist up. One word of warning here: for photos I twisted the scrub up for about 1cm. When I was done taking pictures, I could not get the product back into the tube! You also cannot squeeze it back into the tube because it is so soft, so don't twist up more product than you need!
The first thing I noticed was the cinnamon scent. It is strong, but not overpowering. It also tastes like cinnamon which I really like. The scrub itself melts quickly on your lips to an almost liquid texture. Because of the balm melting so fast I am going through this quickly. For the peeling effect, this balm is infused with sugar (at least I believe it is sugar). After applying a thick coat I use my fingers to massage the scrub into my lips. For my liking it could be a bit more abrasive, but that is just personal preference. The scrub itself already helps moisturizing my lips.

To lock in the moisture and prevent my lips from drying I apply the clear lip balm part of the duo on top. This is supposed to have the same scent as the scrub, but it is much more subtle. Formula-wise, the lip balm does not melt as quickly and is thicker than the scrub. It feels very comfortable on the lips, not sticky or slippery. This does a great job moisturizing my lips during the day. For night time I prefer something richer (like the Nuxe Reve De Miel or Aquaphor).

The Locked & Loaded Lip Duo retails for $6, which is a good price considering you get a scrub and a balm and it is hand made from good ingredients! The product is not vegan (contains lanolin). You can get the duo directly from Minnie's Underground Cosmetics shop and she ships internationally.

I hope this review was somewhat helpful for you. Let me know if you would like to see similar things in the future!

Sabine Siggy

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