Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nail Art April ~ Easter Manicure #Fail

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all are having a good time, whether you're celebrating or not. We are not really celebrating Easter, but later today we are going to have a barbeque. We just have to take advantage of the perfect Sunday weather!
You might have noticed that I skipped the Easter Egg theme for Nail Art April. I wanted to paint my nails on Thursday evening after work, but while I was on my way home that day I got a terrible headache and stuffed-up nose. I really didn't feel like painting my nails that evening. Gladly, the next morning after 12 hours of sleep I felt better already. 
For this year's Easter manicure I knew I wanted to use a pastel color and do some stamping. On a recent trip to Regensburg I stopped by at Kiko to pick up their new Cupcake Lacquer range. These remind me of the Nicole by OPI Roughles collection. They are matte textured polishes in pastel shades with multicolor specks in it. For my design I chose 652 Lilac, which I already really liked by itself. Then I made the huge mistake to pull out my stamping plates and add a few Easter designs...

Easter stamping nail art
Kiko Cupcake Nail Lacquer 652 Lilac

I applied two coats of Kiko Cupcake Nail Lacquer in Lilac. It did not dry as fast as other textured polishes, so you definitely want to wait a good 30 minutes before stamping over it. My stamping polish is the black one from Essence, which I quite like. The designs are from Bundle Monster plates BM 322, BM 311 and BM 302. On my middle and pinkie nail I chose a full nail design with chicks, snails and trees and I was surprised how well the design transferred onto the textured surface. I had seen people stamp over sand polishes before, and I imagined it to be even harder to get a crisp image. In fact, the stamped design grabbed onto the textured surface well without smudging. 
On my remaining nails I added a bunny, some candy and flowers. As you can see, I suck at placing individual designs on my nails, so it looks like the bunny is munchin' on those flowers. Also it looks a bit crowded, so I should have went with just the bunny in the middle of the nail. *lesigh* Oh well, I decided to roll with this manicure for today, as I like the Lilac textured base and the full nail design.

What are you wearing on your nails for Easter this year?
Wishing you a great weekend with lots of eggs and chocolate :)


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