Thursday, May 22, 2014

Arcane Lacquer ~ An Amorous Disposition

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Back in February I placed an order at Harlow & Co. I mainly wanted the KB Shimmer Clearly On Top top coat, because I have heard nothing but good reviews about it. While I was browsing the website I threw some indie polishes that were on my wishlist into the cart as well. When I have a package with nail polish in the mail I get all excited, but this time my order just wouldn't arrive. Then Katie, the owner of Harlow & Co, sent me an email saying my order got back to her with the package being labeled as "unclaimed". Seems like my friendly postman forgot to leave a note that there's a package waiting for me at the post office or that notification got lost :( Gladly, Katie was so kind to re-send my package without charging any extra fees. I finally got my order this week and it was so worth the wait, because I love every single item I bought :D Thank you so much Katie for your help and great customer service!
I've been wanting to try some Australian indie polishes for a while now, especially Arcane Lacquer. The one I got is called An Amorous Disposition, which is a raspberry pink jelly base with "a mix of silver, red and black hexes, along with some holo flake". Prepare for some eye candy and fulsome praise, because that nail polish is bomb diggs (thanks to Nicole from YoungWildAndPolished for implanting that term into my head, lol)!

Australian indie nail polish

Arcane Lacquer-An Amorous Disposition_2

Arcane Lacquer-An Amorous Disposition_macro

Even though Arcane Lacquer - An Amorous Disposition is a jelly base, it covers nicely with just two coats. And let me tell you, the formula is a bliss to work with! It reminded me of Zoya Payton, Dream, Blaze etc. It dried super fast to a glass-like shiny finish. Still I applied one coat of HK Girl top coat to prolong wear.
My photos do not do this beauty justice. The small red glitter in it is uber sparkly and is nicely contrasted by the matte black glitter. I cannot see any holo flakes. Instead, there is a super fine holographic pigment in there that adds a subtle scattered holo effect to the polish. Maybe with holo flakes they meant the small silver holo hexes in there?!

This nail polish clearly sparked my love for Australian indie polish and I need to get my hands on some more, soon! I am already eyeing Emily de Molly, Pretty Serious, Femme Fatale and Glam Polish. I'd love to head about your favorite Australian indie polishes!

Thanks so much for reading, wishing you a great day!

Sabine Siggy

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