Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lime Crime ~ Pastelchio & Formula X ~ Mindblowing

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Seems like the month of May has decided to be more like November. It has been raining cats and dogs those past couple of days and it does not feel like Spring at all. So to brighten up the gloomy days I wear bright colors on my nails.
Pastelchio by Lime Crime has been sitting in my drawer for quite a while now and it was about time to finally wear it. I know there is quite a controversy about that brand, but I got my polish (and two of their lippies) before I heard of all the drama. So in the end everyone has to decide for themselves if they want to buy from them or not. I won't be getting more of the Lime Crime polishes, but that is also due to the performance of their Pastelchio nail polish. I will go into more detail about the polishes below. 

Lime Crime Pastelchio Formula X Mindblowing

Lime Crime Pastelchio Formula X Mind Blowing

Lime Crime Pastelchio is a bright pastel chartreuse creme polish. I love the color, it is so vivid, almost neon... a neon pastel if that exists. However, I wasn't overly pleased by the formula of this nail polish. It was thick, did not level out well and had the tendency to drag. You definitely want to take your time when applying this! Pigmentation is good, but still I had to do three coats to get everything nice and even. To spice things up even more I applied Formula X in Mind Blowing at the base of the nail. Mindblowing is matte pastel yellow hex glitter in various sizes in a clear base. The base is densely packed with glitter, but also a bit thick. I had to dab the glitter onto the nails rather than brushing it on. After applying two coats of Misslyn 60 Seconds top coat I experienced a bit of bubbling, which was maybe due to the thick layers I applied.
Lime Crime polishes retail for around $8 and are available directly on their website or from retailers such as Harlow & Co. The Formula X polishes you can get from Sephora and Mindblowing from the Xplosives collection retails for $12.50.

What do you think of this combination?

Thanks for reading!

Sabine Siggy

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