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Sephora France haul

Happy Thursday everyone!

On my last trip to the US this past December I fell in love with the Formula X for Sephora nail polish range. The variety of colors and finishes is to die for! While I was there, I was completely overwhelmed by the size of the display and had a hard time choosing my favorites. So I ended up buying only two of their polishes, which I immediately regretted upon trying them on at home!
One lucky day (or rather unlucky for my bank account) I was browsing the Sephora France website and came across the Formula X polishes. They do not stock the whole range you people get in the US, but still they offer a pretty good selection. I have always refrained from ordering from Sephora France, because shipping costs are expensive. But then I found a 20% off coupon and simply could not contain myself any longer.

Sephora France Haul

FormulaX for Sephora Nail Polishes

The nail polishes I got were Jolt from The Electrics collection, Mind Blowing from The Xplosives and Magma from the Liquid Crystals line. Jolt is a bright hot pink with blue-ish pink glass flecks. It is supposed to dry to a matte finish. The description on the Sephora website says that it contains "rare and safe pigments formulated in Belgium", whatever that is supposed to mean. I will let you know once I have tried it. Mind Blowing is a matte pastel yellow glitter topper which I got by accident. I was supposed to order Demolition, but only after completing my order I realized that I had selected the wrong shade, d'oh. Still it is lovely and I don't own anything like it. Magma is described as a gold micro-glitter in a sheer but buildable tangerine base. This summer I am totally hooked on the orange trend and this will (hopefully) be fun to wear on my nails.

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation Light Ivory

And as if buying Formula X polish didn't make my wallet weep enough, Sephora France now also carries the Marc Jacobs make up range. I had seen his products at Sephora in the US, but decided the items were too expensive for what they are. I kept hearing more and more things about this line, so again I regretted not getting anything while I had the chance. With the 20% off coupon I finally bit the bullet and ordered the products I despised back in the US.
So first up is the Genius Gel Foundation in the shade Ivory Light. I have worn this twice by now and really like it. It even is a tadbit too light for my pasty skin, but with blush and bronzer on it looks good. Still I don't think I will repurchase it, because I have other foundations that I like and that are a fraction of the price.

Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen Rendezvous

Along with the foundation I got the Remedy Concealer Pen in the shade Rendezvous. This is the lightest option and recommended to go with the foundation in ivory light. I was intrigued by the packaging, but I don't like the product itself. First of all, the concealer is darker than the foundation. Second, it looks cakey quickly if you apply too much- and one click of the pen is already too much! Total mispurchase for me :(

Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette

Last but not least is the product from Marc Jacobs' beauty range that I wanted the most: the highly talked about Style Icon Palette in The Lolita. I am in love with this palette! I have always been a neutral girl and this is right up my alley. The palette has a good selection of mattes, shimmers and glittery shadows and is perfect for everyday wear. My only complaint would be the lack of a transition shade - the second from the left is too light and the third from the left is too dark for my liking. Oh wait, my second complaint would be the applicator that comes with the palette. A cheap sponge tip applicator in a $59 palette, really Marc Jacobs? The imprint of your name on it doesn't make it any better.

I'd also like to mention that shipping from Sephora France to Germany costs 13,90€, which is A LOT! But they ship via UPS and I got my order within three days, which is even faster than the 5-8 days delivery time they declare on their website. However, I cannot see myself buying from them often and if I do, I would get only the brands I cannot get in other online stores like feelunique or BeautyBay (which are cheaper and offer free shipping). 

That is it for today. I would love to hear about your experiences with the Formula X or Marc Jacobs Beauty range. What are your favorite items?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Sabine Siggy

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