Sunday, July 13, 2014

Northern Lights Nail Sticker

Hello everyone!

Sometimes I am in need for a quick manicure, but do not have the time to wait for my nail color to dry. That is when full nail stickers or appliques come in handy. On Born Pretty Store I came across these stickers with a Northern Lights design. I have always wanted to go to Norway and see the northern lights, also called Aurora Borealis, in person. What kept me from going is the costs and the cold, haha. So for now, northern lights on my nails will have to do.

Born Pretty Store Glow in the Dark Nail Art Stickers

full nail stickers

Born Pretty Store Glow in the Dark Nail Art Stickers
These nail stickers sparkle in sunlight and even glow in the dark, how cool is that?!
They come in a pack of 14 with different designs and various sizes. Most of them were too wide for my nails, so I had to trim them quite a bit to make them fit my nails. In some areas, the stickers are translucent. You can see some nail line peeking through, so I probably should have applied a base color underneath. One thing I often encounter with nail stickers is that they don't stay flat on the nail and come off easily at the edges. These really stayed on for four days without peeling off at the sides. In fact, I had some trouble taking these off. I had to remove the remaining glue with nail polish remover.

All in all, I am really happy with these stickers and I will surely try other designs! If you want to try nail art products from Born Pretty Store, you get a 10% discount using the code KYL91. Happy Shopping :)
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