Sunday, July 27, 2014

Red Nails, Silver Tips

Hello everyone!

One of my favorite German nail polish bloggers is Lackfein. Her hands and nails are just straight out fabulous. On her Instagram she recently shared a video showing how she creates these delicate French tips on her nails. I just love the look of this and tried to recreate this manicure with different colors. 

My base color is Hepcat from the brand Ponyhuetchen. Ponyhuetchen is a Swiss based online shop that sells handmade natural cosmetics. The shop is a one woman show run by Hendrike. She does everything from ordering materials and manufacturing the products over packing parcels, designing packaging and programming the online store herself. I ordered from her because I wanted to try their natural deodorants (I stay away from aluminium in deodorants, but that is a whole different story). After I placed my order she sent me an email, saying that I just missed a 3 for 2 discount, but that she would like to send me some goodies instead. Uhm, what?! I mean, it is not her fault that I missed that sale and it was very generous of her to offer such a deal! So in return for her amazing customer service I promised to check out her nail polish line and share my thoughts with you, my lovely readers. Sorry for the rambling, but I just had to mention how pleasant it was to buy from her shop and it is not every day that I experience such great customer service.
Ponyhuetchen - Hepcat is a nice rich red shade with silver flecks in it. Shown here are two easy coats over Essence Peel Off base.
The silver tips were done with OPI - Turn On The Haute Light from the Coca Cola collection. In the US, this shade is called My Signature Is DC. I guess for the European market they changed the name, as no one calls the drink Diet Coke, but rather Coke Light. Thus, a name with Light in it probably makes more sense. The polish however is the exact same thing as the US version.
Needless to say, the tips did not turn out as delicate as the ones from Lackfein. Neither are they perfectly straight, but hey, nobody is perfect. In fact I like how imperfections add ones signature to a manicure instead of everything being perfectly geometric and even. Still I wish the tips were thinner, but I guess I need to practice more.

Thanks for stopping by, have a fabulous day!
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