Thursday, July 31, 2014

Urban Outfitters ~ Sea Dust

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During my last trip to the US I went to Urban Outfitters to get a few of their nail polishes. One I had laid eyes on was Sea Dust, which is supposed to be a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream - a nail polish that has been on my wishlist forever, but I could never justify paying the hefty 18-22€ price tag. Urban Outfitters polishes in the US are $5 each or $8 for two. While they are not 100% dupes, they're close enough for me, especially considering the price difference. For a detailed comparison of Mermaid's Dream and Sea Dust head over to Mara in Polishland.

Deborah Lippmann Mermaids Dream dupe

Urban Outfitters Sea Dust

Urban Outfitters Sea Dust

I am wearing three thin coats of Urban Outfitters - Sea Dust over Essence Peel Off Base. The top coat I used is Underground Nails Quickie. To spice things up a bit I stamped my ring finger with an image from the MoYou London Sailor plate 07 and Bissu - 226 Azul Quemado.

I was suprised how easily Sea Dust glided onto the nails. Despite the glitter, the finish wasn't gritty at all and everything was smooth after one layer of top coat. The whole finish is very metallic and reflective. I had no problem getting the larger silver holographic hexes onto the nails - no fishing required, yay! 

I love this color and I am happy to finally have a version of Mermaid's Dream in my stash! So you're from Germany and want to get your hands on this polish? No problem! Urban Outfitters has a few stores across Germany, but you can also order online. However, I could never find anything when I looked for Sea Dust. Then I stumbled upon a nail polish called Firefly. I am not 100% positive that they're the same thing, but at least in pictures they look very much alike (please correct me if I am wrong). Urban Outfitters nail polishes retail for 8€ per 8ml bottle.

Which is your favorite Mermaid's Dream dupe? Or do you prefer getting "the real thing"?
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