Monday, September 08, 2014

#31DC2014 ~Day 08 Metallic Nails

It is already day 8 of the 31 Days of Nail Art Challenge. Time is flying!
For the metallic nails theme I pulled out my stamping plates and decided to go with a blue and pink houndstooth pattern.

metallic pink blue Color Club

metallic houndstooth nail art

Color Club Lumin-icecent

The colors I used for this houndstooth design were Color Club - Hot Like Lava and Color Club - Lumin-icecent. To change things up a bit I painted two nails with Lumin-icecent and stamped with Hot Like Lava and reversed the colors on the other two nails. The houndstooth pattern is from MoYou Pro Plate 07

I am still practicing my full nail design stamping skills, but I am quite happy with how this turned out. Hot Like Lava is better suited for stamping, though, because it is more pigmented than Lumin-icecent. 



  1. Thank you very much Anabel, I was so glad when I saw the design came out nicely for once :D

  2. I think the full-nail stamping looks awesome, great job!!


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