Thursday, September 18, 2014

#31DC2014 ~ Day 18 Half Moons

Hi everyone,

greetings from the sunny island Mallorca! My vacation is slowly coming to an end and in not even 24 hours from now I will be back home in (probably not so sunny) Germany *sigh*.
Today's design for the 31DC2014 are some pink holographic negative space half moons using one of my favorite holo nail polishes.

NfuOh No64

negative space half moon nail design

NfuOh 64 pink holo

NfuOh No 64 has been tucked away in my drawers for way too long. This mauvey-pink shade has one of the nicest formulas and strongest linear holographic effects I have ever seen. This stunning nail polish had to be the main focus of this manicure, so I simply outlined the halfmoon shapes with Essie - Licorice and a small brush and that is it. I applied one layer of Misslyn 60 Seconds Quick Dry top coat, which sightly dulls the holographic effect. Additionally, my camera likes to swallow some of the holo goodness, so it looks a lot prettier in person.

So if you have never tried any of NFuOh's holo polishes, I say run and get some! They're pricey, but so worth the $$$!

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