Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Halloween Nails] Drag Marble Spiderweb Design

Hello everyone,

it is time for another Halloween nail design! A whole while ago I saw a Spider Web Tips Drag Marble tutorial on MySimpleLittlePleasures and I basically followed her tutorial to create my spider web nails.

halloween nail design

For my drag marble spiderweb design I painted my nails with one thin coat of Essie - Licorice. Once that was dry, I applied a thick layer of Licorice and then added four stripes of OPI - Turn On The Haute Light/My Signature Is DC and dragged a needle across the nail to create the spider web pattern. I finished everything off with one layer of Misslyn 60 seconds top coat.

halloween nail art

When attempting a drag marble design, it is important to do one nail at a time - otherwise the base will dry and make dragging the polish next to impossible. Other than that, this technique is really easy and not quite as messy as real water marbling.

drag marble spider web nails

What will be on your nails this halloween? If you're still looking for a design to wear on this year's halloween party, stay tuned for my halloween recap coming on Thursday!



  1. Very cool! I am going to try do a spiderweb with a water marble later... if it doesn't work, now I know I can resort to a dry marble :)

  2. I'd love to see your spiderweb, let me know once you have tried it! I suck at water marbling, so I prefer drag marbling ;)

  3. I'm done with the marble, but I'm only posting it next week. It looks ok, but it didn't come out nearly as spider-webby as yours. I specifically wanted to do it with a water marble as I'm doing a series on water marbles at the moment... I'll just add a couple of spiders to make it clear what it is! :)

  4. Oooh then I will be waiting for your post! I am sure it came out nicely :)


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