Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops ~ My Cherry Amour

I hope you are not tired of seeing textured polishes, because today I have another one for you. During my trip to the US last November I found the Nicole by OPI Gumdrops collection at a CVS in Washington DC for 50% off. Textured NOPI nail polish for only $4? Yes, please! And My Cherry Amour is a real beauty, so I am more than happy with my purchase.

pink textured nail polish

Nicole by OPI - My Cherry Amour is a raspberry shade with lots of holographic sparkles. Even though this dries to a matte textured finish, the sparkle is pretty prominent.


The texture of My Cherry Amour is perfection and a bliss to apply. For the photos I am wearing two coats. It looks a bit sheer on the first, but covers perfectly with a second coat. It dries fast and the finish is not gritty at all. It reminds me of the fine texture of the original Zoya Pixie Dusts. Similar to the Pixie Dusts, the Nicole by OPI Gumdrops nail polishes wear well on me. I wore My Cherry Amour for four days without any chips or cracks.


If you like textured nail polishes and stumple upon the Gumdrops in the clearance bin at your local drugstore, go and grab them! I already own That's What I Mint and I really wish I had gotten my paws on Cinna-man Of My Dreams, too. I do not know if these are going to be discontinued for good (which I hope they won't) or if NOPI will come up with a new Gumdrops collection. If Nicole By OPI comes out with more textured nail polishes in 2015, I'll definitely try to get hold of them :D

What do you think of My Cherry Amour?


  1. This color looks great on you!
    When these first came out I just about bend over backwards to get my hands on them as NOPI isn't sold over here. A friend who was on vacation in the US bought them and I still treasure them... I guess I just have to find another friend who goes to the US if and when they release new ones ;)

  2. Thank you Joyce!

    And I feel you. They do not sell NOPI here in Germany, either. So when I went to the US in late 2013, I stumbled upon That's What I Mint and grabbed it (it was the only Gumdrop left in that store). When I went to the US last year, I came across a few discounted NOPIs, and that is where I got Cherry Amour from. Wish I had gotten the Cinna-man shade as well. It was there, but I do not know why I didn't buy it. Must have been out of my mind, lol.


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