Thursday, February 26, 2015

[Swatch & Review] Formula X - Capricious

sephora ombre glitter nail polish
During my last trip to the US this past November I picked up two polishes from the Formula X for Sephora limited edition called Ombré Glitters. I hasitated to post this polish, because I thought these were marketed as a Holiday limited edition, but they're still available online. Sephora says the Ombré Glitters are "a first-of-its-kind, nail lacquer with a color-shifting, metallic base for an on-trend, ombre glitter effect." OK, first of all Formula X needs to get the nail polish terminology right. Ombré would be if I wore different shades of one color on each of my nails, ranging from deep to light. This glitter polish rather is duochrome than ombré - at least I think so, since there is a subtle but noticeable color shift from blue to champagne gold. But I do not want to be a nitpicker and it is what's inside the bottle that counts, right?!


Formula X Capricious is a pale sheer purple base loaded with champagne, gold, purple and blurple hexes and microglitter. The duochrome effect isn't too pronounced. The actual lighting is what makes it change its look. In bright daylight, as in the first photo, the purple glitter is mostly visible. Honestly,  this bright light makes it fall a bit flat and appear not as opaque. In the shade (second photo) you can see the golden microglitter and the purple glitter equally well. The indoor shot below brings out the champagney gold side more.


The Sephora webiste promises "full-coverage in just one swipe". Again, I have to disagree. For the swatches I had to do three thin coats to obtain full coverage and still in bright sunlight it looks a bit sparse. The formula is easy to work with, though, and one layer of top coat is enough to smooth is out.
While I enjoyed wearing this polish, I am not sure it is worth the hefty $12.50 price tag. If you want to have a look at it yourself and try Capricious, it is available at (and maybe even still in stores).

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