Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Essie Cashmere Matte Collection - Coat Couture


Hi everyone,
I hope you are having a fab week so far!
I am a bit behind with my swatches which is maaaaayyyybe due to me buying polish faster than I can paint my nails. Whoops... but there are simply too many pretty polishes around and I quickly fall for the Spring and Summer shades, I just can't help it.
So today I have for you Coat Couture from the Essie Cashmere Matte collection. I have heard quite mixed reviews of this collection. Since I like to form my own opinion, I had to grab this one and try it anyway.
Coat Couture is a dusty shade of purple infused with blue, almost teal shimmer. In the bottle, the shimmer has a soft duochrome effect, shifting from blue to a fuchsia color. So Pretty!


I applied two coats of Coat Couture over a base coat. The formula was surprisingly easy to work with. After having heard horrible things about the formula on the Cashmere Mattes being patchy, drying too quick etc I was prepared for the worst. I did not experience any issues with the application - it went on smoothly, levelled itself nicely and dried quite fast to a shimmery satin finish.



The pretty shimmer in Essie's Coat Couture called for a shiny finish, so I applied one coat of Underground Cosmetics Quickie top coat. The shiny finish makes the shimmer stand out even more. I honestly cannot decide whether I prefer this one matte or glossy.



Sadly, the Essie Cashmere Matte collection was not released in German DM drugstores. Instead, I got mine from the German online shop Cambree.de, where they stock four of the six shades. If you're in the US and interested in getting Coat Couture, it is still available online at Kohl's or in a 3 piece set at Nordstrom. If you're lucky, you might even find them in store.
I also bought Comfy In Cashmere, which I wore matte and shiny. Let me know if you're interested in seeing this shade, too! I might have to get the black Spun In Luxe - it looks so pretty with a glossy finish. How do you like the Cashmere Mattes?


  1. Das war die einzige Farbe der Kollektion, welche mich interessiert hat. Und ich denke, wenn es die LE bei dm gegeben hätte, hätte ich ihn mir gekauft. Aber ich hab auch viel schlechtes über die Kollektion gehört und war jetzt nicht so scharf drauf, dass ich ihn mir bestellt hätte. Dafür hab ich bei der Frühlingskollektion ein bisschen übertrieben... :D

  2. Ich war auch nach diversen schlechten Reviews sehr skeptisch, dennoch aber neugierig. Im April kommt die LE wohl nach Holland. Wenn ich dann zufällig mal rüber fahre, werde ich mir den schwarzen wohl noch zulegen.
    Aus der Frühjahrs Kollektion habe ich mir auch drei gegönnt. Muss ich unbedingt schnell ausprobieren ;)


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