Sunday, March 01, 2015

OPI - Do You Take Lei Away Swatch & Nude Polish Comparison

When I received Do You Take Lei Away from the OPI Hawaii collection for Summer 2015 in the mail the other day, it looked familiar to me. So I pulled out the various nude polishes I own and did a little comparison. Spoiler alert: I did not find a dead on dupe. In the bottles, the shades looked more similar than they ended up being on the nail. But first things first. Here is Do You Take Lei away solo.


OPI describes Do You Take Lei Away as a creamy nude. It is a beige color with a hint of pink, which is especially visible when compared to other nude shades as I have done below. Nude polishes are a very subjective thing, as not every nude polish accords with every skin tone. With my pale pink toned skin I have a hard time finding a shade that does not clash with my skin tone, but I find DYTLA does a pretty good job.
The formula on this is really nice and easy to paint on. All it took was two coats that levelled out nicely and left me with a smooth even finish. All in all, I was really surprised with how much I like this nude shade! Let us see how it compares to others.


From my stash, I picked My Vampire Is Buff (MVIB), You're So Vain-illa (YSV), Barry M Lychee (L), Sally Hansen Shore Enough (SE), Nails Inc. Bamboo White (BW) and P2 Nail Foundation in Silk (S). Only when I started editing the photos I realized that I forgot to compare it to OPI Tickle My Francey. If you're interested in seeing these two side by side, let me know down below in the comments!



All swatches are two coats of each polish over liquid latex as a base and with one layer of Underground Cosmetics Quickie top coat. From the side by side swatches you can tell that DYTLA is clearly more pink, while YSV is more yellow toned. MVIB is more on the neutral side and so is Lychee, which is slightly deeper in tone compared to MVIB. All in all, these four nude nail polishes are quite similar, but not the same.



The other nude shades I own clearly are different. Sally Hansen Shore Enough is much more yellow and I do not like this shade against my skin. Bamboo White from the Nails Inc. Victoria Beckham collaboration looks nude-ish in the thick glass bottle. On the nails, it is more a pinkish white and nothing like DYTLA. Same applies to Silk from the P2 Nail Foundation range. It looks nude in the bottle, but applied it is a very sheer beige that leans slightly pink.

BTW, I am really bad with the play on words in the nail polish names. So I went on Google to see what Lei means. Turns out, lei are the Hawaiian garlands made from different flowers, shells etc. that "were worn by ancient Hawaiians to beautify themselves and distinguish themselves from others." Just in case you were interested in where the name comes from ;) 

Let me know which is your favorite nude polish down below! Happy Sunday, thanks for reading!


  1. Danny_PolishChestMarch 1, 2015 at 2:51 PM

    Sehr schöner Vergleich. DYTLA steht eigentlich auf meiner Wunschliste. Aber eigentlich hab ich auch echt recht viele Ähnliche... Ich kenne mich aber, irgendwann wird er bestimmt einziehen dürfen! ;)

  2. Great comparison Sabine, it convinces me I can happily purchase DYTLA without duping it. The only other shade I'm wondering about is OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?

  3. Thank you Deborah! Sadly I do not own said polish, so I cannot compare the two :(

  4. Danke dir! Aber ähnlich ist ja nicht gleich (so rede ich mir sowas immer schön, lol)! Er wird dir bestimmt gefallen!


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