Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Essie Cashmere Matte collection - Comfy in Cashmere

essie cashmere matte collection review

Happy hump day!
I hope you enjoyed the Easter holidays. I had a few busy but very enjoyable days with friends and family. The bad news is, I chopped off two of my nails on my swatch hand while cutting onions for a barbeque, so I had to file those two down to nubs. I cannot bring myself to cutting them all down to the same length. Hence, I am thinking of showing my cinderella (dominant) hand until the nails on my left hand have grown back to a reasonable length - if I can figure out how to pose and take good pictures of my right hand that is. 

Before that nail incident, I managed to swatch Comfy in Cashmere from the much talked about Essie Cashmere Matte collection for you. This is the second shade I picked up from that collection, together with Coat Couture, which I have already showed you.



Comfy in Cashmere is a mauve/taupe color with a strong blue shimmer. Said shimmer is more pronounced in the bottle than on the nails once the polish is dry. A little top coat helps bring out the blue iridescence and I really like this one with a glossy finish, too.



Just like Coat Couture, the formula on Comfy in Cashmere was pretty good. It was opaque with two coats, dried fast and levelled out nicely. I really do not know where all these bad reviews come from. Maybe it's only the lighter shades that have an odd formula.
I hope to be able to find the black Spun in Luxe shade from that collection, because I am a sucker for deep dark polishes.

Have you tried anything from the Cashmere Matte collection? What do you think of it?


  1. I love the colour and finish but I found the weartime shockingly bad. I put on the polish during the evening and come lunchtime the next day I had several bad chips. I am nit too sure whether that was due to my nails or because of the polish.

  2. Sadly I have to agree on the bad wear time. I recently wore Spun in Luxe from this collection and it came chipping off 24h after application (even though I top coated it with HK Girl).


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